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Safety First

Please do not do anything that may harm others. Do not use any data that does not belong to you and report to us any possible vulnerability immediately.

Legal Points

Please keep in mind that any action you take may and will be in expected to be in line with you local laws. We cannot grant you any sort of protection for these and any third party app we use that may come across in your reverse engineering.

Disclosure Guidelines

We ask of you to:
- Test only systems in scope
- Provide the details we need to reproduce the vulnerability, including the prerequisites that need to be met, tested system state, date and time you did the testing, possible Proof-of-concept.
- Do not disrupt our services with intent
- Do not use automated scanning tools.
- Do not send trivial issues



All hosts owned by Sertifier Inc.


All apps developed by Sertifier Inc.


Any problems regarding the third party apps we use are out of scope.

Non-qualifying vulnerabilities

Do not send us reports of trivial or well known issues (such as XML-RPC, Clickjacking (X-Frame-Options), or well known WordPress issues).
Do not run DoS attacks.

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