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Customize ads on credential pages for higher engagement and measurable results with Sertifier’s Ads Tool!

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Enhance Brand Visibility

Create personalized and eye-catching ad banners that showcase your brand and messages, increasing recognition and visibility among your audience.

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Improve Engagement

Tailor ads to resonate with the specific interests of viewers, driving higher engagement and interaction with the content.

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Boost Click-Through Rates

Issuers can direct viewers to specific content or landing pages by adding relevant links to the ad banners, increasing click-through rates and website traffic.

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Measure Ad Performance

Access detailed analytics through marketing & ads reports, enabling issuers to gauge the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and make data-driven improvements.

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With a remarkable track record of issuing over 8 million credentials, Sertifier offers comprehensive analytics, customizable branding, robust blockchain infrastructure, exceptional customer success services and a user-friendly interface.