Advertise Your Product & Services on Credential Pages

The Ads Tool empowers you to tailor ad banners displayed on your credential pages, maximizing visibility and impact. Customizing ads allows you to promote relevant content, products, or services to your audience, optimizing marketing efforts and fostering brand recognition.

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Enhance Brand Visibility

Create personalized and eye-catching ad banners that showcase your brand and messages, increasing recognition and visibility among your audience.

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Improve Engagement

Tailor ads to resonate with the specific interests of viewers, driving higher engagement and interaction with the content.

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Boost Click-Through Rates

Issuers can direct viewers to specific content or landing pages by adding relevant links to the ad banners, increasing click-through rates and website traffic.

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Measure Ad Performance

Access detailed analytics through marketing & ads reports, enabling issuers to gauge the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and make data-driven improvements.

Top Rated Digital Credentialing Solution

With a remarkable track record of issuing over 8 million credentials, Sertifier offers comprehensive analytics, customizable branding, robust blockchain infrastructure, exceptional customer success services and a user-friendly interface.