This is us

Our vision is

A world where everyone is able to promote themselves

We thrive for a future where merits are indispensable. Everyone should be aware of their skills and how to improve them; everyone should have the tools they need in this regard.
Our mission is

To provide the world with the tools for a skill-based future

Our mission is to generalize the norm of digital badges and certificates to the degree that society as a whole will enjoy its benefits and all friction due to inefficiencies is eradicated.

The Squad

The Squad consists of young and talented individuals, together they can create an avalanche that can bring a new surface to every traditional but inefficient mechanism. To promote digital credentials worldwide and create a sustainable model for every stakeholder, the Squad focuses on shining cumulative wisdom instead of individual intelligence.

We believe the way to transform an understanding in any discipline, cumulative wisdom is essential in order to attract the attention of the talent. As the main focus of the Squad is to rise together, we always keep in mind our vision by enabling every member of our Squad to carry the skillset to promote individually and bring value to every corner they touch.

Arda Helvacılar
Arda HelvacılarCEOlinkedin
Ceyhun Aslan
Ceyhun AslanCTOlinkedin
Ege Yalçınkaya
Ege YalçınkayaGrowth Hackerlinkedin
Barış Bingöl
Barış BingölCMOlinkedin
Anıl Asım Bilen
Anıl BilenLead Developerlinkedin
Kağan Korkmaz
Kağan KorkmazLead Developerlinkedin
Aleyna Çatak
Aleyna ÇatakHead of Designlinkedin
Altug Ertürk
Altuğ ErtürkWeb Developerlinkedin
Mehmet Kamay
Mehmet KamayMobile App Developerlinkedin
Faruk Arığ
Faruk ArığFull-Stack Web Developerlinkedin
Begüm Avcı
Begüm AvcıMarketing Specialistlinkedin
Tolgay Dülger
Tolgay DülgerFrontend Web Developerlinkedin
Nil Abiska
Nil AbiskaCustomer Success Specialistlinkedin
Onurcan Büyükkalkan
Onurcan BüyükkalkanSales Specialistlinkedin
Egesu Kaymak
Egesu KaymakSales Managerlinkedin
Lara Nur Tankal
Lara Nur TankalDigital Marketerlinkedin
Emre Güler
Emre GülerSoftware Developerlinkedin
Enis Dorlevi
Enis DorleviMarketing Specialistlinkedin
Burak Akın
Burak AkınSenior Sales Representativelinkedin

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