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Sertifier | Digital Credentialing Platform

Sertifier integrates with your environment to create an end-to-end training journey

With its powerful API, Sertifier can be integrated with your Learning Management System, Zoom meetings, Hopin events, and thousands of apps via Zapier.
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LMS + Software Integrations


Create courses within Moodle and integrate with Sertifier to issue certificates and badges easily.

Canvas LMS

Send completion certificates and badges for your Canvas courses or modules.


You can automatically create certificates or badges upon course completion.


Connect Sertifier with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most.


Send digital certificates and badges to your event attendees automatically.

Tutor LMS

Users can easily and automatically send unique digital credentials to their students after the completion of a lesson.


Send automated certificates to the participants of a meeting of your choice once the meeting is finished.


Connect Sertifier with thousands of other apps. Integrate your LMS’s such as Acadle, Gurucan or LearnDash; use ActiveCampaign, Airtable, Salesforce and many more apps to send credentials on autopilot.

Mini Course Generator

Allows you to give certificates with Sertifier and create original lead generation workflows using several webhooks.


Send custom certificates and badges to your students on autopilot.


Sertifier’s integration with Schoology offers you to automate your digital credentials after completing online courses.

Google Classroom

Connect Sertifier with the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most.

Microsoft Teams

Connect Sertifier with the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most.

Brightspace by D2L

Integrate Sertifier with Brightspace to add digital badges and certificates to your courses.


Create online courses and award your students directly with digital credentials after course completion.

Illuminate Education

Integrate Illuminate Education with Sertifier to issue digital badges and digital certificates automatically upon course completion.

Webassessor by Kryterion

Create digital badges and certificates automatically after your students complete tests.

Microsoft Azure AD

With the Single Sign On feature, users can access their Sertifier accounts with a single set of credentials.


Issue digital credentials to your learners automatically based on your criteria.

Caveon Scorpion

The learner's information can be mapped to Sertifier, and the credential issue process can be done effortlessly to eligible learners who pass their exams.


Seamless synchronization of digital credentials for Alpine test takers. Learners can have immediate access to their digital badges and certificates.


Create, issue and manage digital badges and certificates, while also enabling secure and reliable verification for them.


Learners can receive their credentials automatically upon course completion, saving time and effort for both the learner and the course creator.


Sertifier and Degreed integration allows users to automatically receive digital credentials upon assessment and course completion.

Avallain Magnet

Allowing students enrolled in the course to automatically obtain a digital credential upon completing all the course requirements.


Automatically generate and verify digital certificates and badges to recognize achievements and skills gained within Octopus.


A comprehensive digital solution to issue, manage, and verify credentials.


Efficiently plan, organize, and deliver your training programs while easily awarding and managing digital credentials for learners' achievements.


This integration enables learners to easily access and share their digital credentials, increasing their marketability and employability.


Individuals can showcase their verified credentials, helping them stand out in their respective industries and advancing their career growth.


Easily issue digital credentials and leverage customer data to gain insights into learners' achievements, increasing engagement and driving business growth.

Community Brands

Issue and manage digital credentials through Sertifier's platform, providing a secure and streamlined way to recognize learners' achievements and skills.


Issue digital credentials to your learners upon course completion.


Sertifier and Coursera integration enables learners to receive digital certificates and badges for completing online courses and degrees offered by Coursera.


Sertifier and CredSpark integration allows learners to award digital badges and certificates instantly to people who successfully completed an assessment.


Sertifier and EdCast integration allows you to award digital credentials to your learners based on content completion on the EdCast platform.


Issue and track digital credentials seamlessly for your learning programs, while also gaining valuable insights and analytics through Watershed.


Integrate Skilljar with Sertifier to issue digital badges and certificates directly to your students once they complete a course.


Learners can receive their certificates directly in their Intellum accounts, making it easier to showcase their skills and knowledge to potential employers.


Effortless transfer of learning data and certification management within a single platform.

Learner Community

A collaborative learning experience for individuals seeking to acquire new skills and knowledge.


A powerful combination for users to issue and manage digital credentials for their learners.


Easily verify and authenticate the identity of users within the applications by leveraging the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain technology.


Enables users to verify and share their credentials and achievements in a secure and streamlined manner.


Transferring of training records and certification data, streamlining the learning management process for both learners and organizations.


Easy issuance and verification of digital badges and certificates for learners who complete online courses on the OpenEdX platform.

Question Mark

Easy transfer of assessment data, which enables the issuance of digital certificates and badges to learners who have successfully completed their assessments.


This integration allows organizations to easily issue, manage and verify digital certificates for their members and event attendees.


Issue digital badges and certificates for learners that complete courses on the NovoEd platform.


Easy and secure digital credentialing process for individuals and organizations.


Secure online testing and digital credentialing for learners once they pass an exam.

Thought Industries

Effortless awarding of digital badges and certificates to individuals who have completed e-learning courses.

Modern Campus

A solution for creating, issuing, and verifying digital credentials for learners with only a few clicks.

National Student Clearinghouse

Smooth verification and sharing process of academic credentials and badges for students and institutions.

Next Thought

Issue digital badges and certificates easily and verify digital credentials for Next Thought courses.


Automatically trigger digital badges and certificates using Sertifier when certain conditions are met for a training course or achievement of a certification.

Neo by Cypher Learning

This integration allows an easy digital certification process of learning achievements within the Neo LMS.


Seamless management and issuance of digital credentials for training and certification programs.

Sertifier API for Custom Integrations

The most compatible API library on the market.
Use Sertifier’s REST API to integrate digital badges with your environment.

Zapier Integrations

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