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Verified Wallet - Empowering Ownership & Simplifying Verification

Verified Wallet

Verified Wallet is designed for credential holders to store and manage verifiable credentials securely. Imagine quickly consolidating qualifications from various sources and presenting them to employers, educational institutions, or any relying party!

Verified Wallet provides everything you can expect from a digital wallet and extends beyond the standard concept by seamlessly aligning with Velocity Network's™ forward-looking standards. Verified Wallet's capabilities are not solely limited to Velocity but are expanded through the infrastructure of Sertifier.

Who can utilize Verified Wallet?

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Verified Wallet empowers individuals to securely store and manage their verifiable credentials, streamlining the process of showcasing qualifications.

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Issuer Organizations

Verified Wallet offers credential issuer organizations the means to issue and manage verifiable credentials, enhancing the credibility of their qualifications.

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Relying Organizations

Verified Wallet enables relying organizations to efficiently verify and trust the credentials presented by individuals, fostering a streamlined and trustworthy credential verification process.

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Background Vetting Firms

Verified Wallet enhances the efficiency and reliability of background vetting by providing a secure and standardized platform for verifying and validating individuals’ qualifications.

Sertifier Data Security

Elevating Credentialing with Sertifier and Velocity Network™

We are building trust and credibility in career and education credentials. Velocity Network ™ and Sertifier empower individuals, institutions, businesses, and governments to ensure qualifications are easy to verify and impossible to fake.

Sertifier's advanced technology and Velocity Network's™ blockchain infrastructure create an environment where credentials are secure and immutable, fostering a new era of trust in the credentials we rely on.

Comprehensive & Customized
Digital Credentialing Solution

Effortless Credential Management with Sertifier

Sertifier streamlines the process of creating, issuing, and managing digital credentials. From certificates to badges, Sertifier automates the entire lifecycle, ensuring every credential is accurately issued, tracked, and stored within the Verified Wallet. Seamlessly integrated with Velocity Network™, Sertifier enhances the power of credentials by providing a simple, intuitive solution for credential management.

Interconnected Credentials for a Seamless Future

Sertifier ensure technical interoperability and a unified user experience. Whether it's a government institution, educational organization, or employer, Sertifier fosters a connected ecosystem within Velocity Network™ that simplifies credential processing and validation for the global mobility of individuals & credentials.

Empowering Organizations with Sertifier and Velocity Network™

Increase in Social Engagement Metrics


Increase in Social Engagement Metrics

“Design tools are very easy-to-use, not confusing. And you have beautiful designs. Our participants actually want to keep their certificates and promote them on their social media accounts. This helps a lot.”

Charles Arevalo

CME and Digital Activation Manager at Sanofi

Saved on Operational Time and Costs


Saved on Operational Time and Costs

“We wanted to automate and save manual effort in issuing certificates. Now it is easy to award verifiable certificates and badges without any hassle. Sertifier makes it so effortless!”

Aaryan Salman Zorabian

President, Global Citizenship Foundation

Increase in Learner Engagement


Increase in Learner Engagement

“The platform lets us create digital certificates and issue them quickly and on scale to developers. Over and above issuing of certificate, it provides sharing on social media, email sending, and monitoring for us. It's a complete suite to manage the developer community we engage with.”

Dhiren G.

Marketing Director, Open Weaver

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