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Press Kit & LogoManual

A quick guide to learn how to use Sertifier’s logo on your social media posts, documents and more.
How to Use Sertifier App’s Logo Correctly

There are only three correct ways to use Sertifier App’s logo:

Sertifier Logos with Different Colors

You must leave a blank space at least as the width of
the letter S in the logo when you use the logo:

Sertifier Logo Blank SpaceHow NOT to Use Sertifier App’s Logo

Don’t separate logomark from logotype:

Separated Sertifier Logo

Don’t change the color of logo:

Pink Sertifier Logo

Don’t change the position of logomark:

Logomark with Wrong Position

Don’t squeeze and/or stretch the logo:

Squeezed and Stretched Sertifier Logos

Don’t make logomark bigger/smaller:

Bigger and Smaller Sertifier Logos

Don’t write Sertifier’s logotype using a different font and/or font weight

Sertifier Logos with Different Fonts

Don’t modify the logomark:

Modified Logomark

Don’t rotate the logo:

Rotated Logos

Don’t put logo on a crowded background:

Logo with Crowded Background

Don’t add shadow/highlights/filters to logo:

Logos with Shadow/Highlights/Filters