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Sertifier | Digital Credentialing Platform

Digital badging made easy in 3 steps

Sertifier’s Digital Badge Platform helps issuers to create, publish, and track their digital badges.

Create a Badge

Create a Badge

Use Sertifier’s digital badge creator to design unique badges that represents your brand. Using professional badge designs is one of the most important parts of launching a successful digital badging program.

Publish in Bulk

Publish in Bulk

Digital badge platforms allows you to upload your earners’ contact details and publish them in bulk in seconds. Earners will receive an email notification and will access their badges just by using a unique link.

Track Engagement

Track Engagement

Sertifier is not just a digital badge creator, but also a magical tracker to see how your brand benefits from your digital badging program. Getting insights on online presence and engagement is the magic of digital badging.

<b class='strong-b'>Open Badges</b> 2.0 Compliant Digital Badges

Open Badges 2.0 Compliant Digital Badges

Sertifier is a 1EdTech Open Badges 2.0 compliant digital badge platform. Open Badge 2.0 standards allows issuers to generate universally verifiable and trackable online badges. Standards also allows earners to collect achievements in their backpacks.

Everything you want to know about your digital badges

Badges don’t get lost in space anymore. You can track how earners interact with their digital credentials.

Engagement Reports

Engagement Reports

Track how earners interact with their badges. Monitor the number of shares, views, and traffic to your channels.

Marketing Reach

Marketing Reach

See how much online reach you create with digital badge campaigns. Save marketing budget using digital badges.

Campaign Metrics

Campaign Metrics

Email open rates, interactions, and downloads at your fingertips. Measure your campaign success rates.

Adapts to your brand perfectly

Premium branded or white-labeled pages will make your digital badges shine! With Sertifier’s branding features, make your digital badges a part of your brand and website.

Branded digital credentials

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I want to learn more about Sertifier.

I want to learn more about digital badges.

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