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OUR VISION A world where everyone is able to promote themselves We thrive for a future that merits are indispensable. Everyone should be aware of their skills and how to improve them; everyone should have the tools they need in this regard. OUR MISSION To provide the world the tools for a skill-based future Our mission is to generalize the norm of Smart Certificates and Open Badges to a degree that society as a whole will enjoy its benefits and all friction due to inefficiencies is eradicated. The Team
CEO Arda Helvacılar
CTO Ceyhun Aslan
Growth Hacker Ege Yalçınkaya
CMO Barış Bingöl
Lead Developer Anıl Bilen
Lead Developer Kağan Korkmaz
VP Marketing Aleyna Çatak
Web Developer Altuğ Ertürk
Mobile App Developer Mehmet Kamay
Full-Stack Web Developer Faruk Arığ
Marketing Specialist Fatih Akdoğan
Marketing Specialist Begüm Avcı
Frontend Web Developer Tolgay Dülger
Backend Web Developer Kutay Dal
Web Developer Ahmet Gül
We’re looking for new friends! Right now we are looking for a Data Scientist. Drop us your Github account and CV, we will get back to you!