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Increase the Number of Participants for Your Online Course with These 4 Easy Steps

Increase Online Course Participation


You created an impressive online course and shared it with the internet, but realized that you could not get the enrollments you expected. Sometimes, you may not be able to reach the numbers you want in your trainings, regardless of which platform you use. This does not mean that your course is bad, but you may need to pay attention to your marketing strategy. In this article, we prepared a guide summarizes what you need to pay attention to to reach the numbers you deserve.

How Can You Increase the Number of Participants to Your Online Course?

Share a Free Version

Instead of telling how good your training is, you can show it. A shortened version of your course may encourage prospects to enroll to your course. Also, even if they don’t buy this training, they will be aware of you and they can purchase your future courses thanks to this demo.

Build a Community Using Social Media

Regularly sharing small useful materials on social media will encourage people to follow you and examine your content more carefully. When you share your courses, they will examine your courses. They will also want to enroll to the course if the topic is right for them.

Get Feedbacks and Improve Show Reviews

People who took course will recommend you to their friends and colleagues if they like it. Likewise, it is more likely to people to trust other peoples comments. Always add a comments section to your website and actively request your students to comment there. Carefully evaluating these reviews will also help you improve yourself.

Consider Using Digital Credentials

Digital certificates allow students to share that they attended your course. As a result your course will be easily shared on Social Media. Also, certified courses are more valuable for students. In this way, you can both increase the interest in your course and spread your course on social media free of charge.


The success of your online course is not only affected by its quality, but also by your efforts to spread it. In order for your online courses to reach the expected numbers, it is important that you run an active marketing strategy. If you have an existing e-learning institution, we recommend you to continue further reading with this article.

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