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How to Promote Your E-Learning Business?

So now you have prepared your e-learning courses. You made sure they are perfect, created the best learning experience possible. What now? You need to promote your e-learning business, of course! If you don’t have prior knowledge or experience on digital marketing or are not satisfied with your current status of your promotions, it can seem hard. But there is no need to be worried, here are 6 simple steps you can take in order to start promoting your e-learning business.

Carefully Follow This 6 Steps to Boost Your E-Learning Business

Step by Step Guide to Getting the Best of Your E-Learning Business

Total Time: 2 minutes

Identify and understand your target audience.

Whatever you are promoting, the first step of promotion is this. Let’s start with simple questions. Do your courses address beginners or more advanced learners? Where are the people in your target market from? Do they have an academic background? What are their biggest needs? Are they going to take your courses to gain a new skill for a hobby, or do they have bigger career goals? Answers these questions as much as you can, and for the ones you could not answer, use tools such as social media to your advantage. Join Facebook Groups, Forums or sites such as quora to understand the behaviours of your target audience. Get as much general details about your target audience as possible. This will make the other steps much, much easier.

Explain to them how e-learning courses benefit them.

One thing you should not forget while trying to promote your business is that even though you are trying to reach out to your audience, your audience is also searching for you, be it consciously or unconsciously. They want to, or need to learn. And your courses can meet their needs. Use the data you gathered to your advantage, you understand what they need, in some cases even better than them. Tell them exactly how your e-learning courses will solve a problem they are facing, make their life quality better, create better career opportunities for them, etc. This is mostly where you win them over. You can do this with digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads; you can create content which you know your audience might search for or be interested in and you can reach out to your audience directly, depending on how big or small your audience is. We will get into detail on how you can use these marketing solutions to reach your audience, in a future blog, if you are interested, subscribe so you do not miss it!

Stand out.

Let’s assume you are in your target audience and searching for a specific course. Why would you choose your courses over other the courses of other e-learning business? You may say “Because my courses are the best in the market. The amount of value the audience will get from it is unmatched.” and you may be right. But statistics show that this is not the single deciding factor for the audience. Most people first look at the cost of the course and the amount of time it takes to complete it. Explain to them how and why your course is time and cost efficient. Your courses may be more expensive or cheaper than the other ones in the market. But this won’t matter if you don’t explain to your audience where their money and time will go, and what they can expect to get out of your courses. What do you offer that no one does, that is worth their money and time? Stand out to your audience.

Use demo courses.

Most learners tend to search for free lessons and for an understandable reason. Most of us faced a situation where we committed some amount of time and money to something which turned out to be unsatisfactory and now how annoying that can be. Even if you can get a refund, you can never get your time back which is often much more valuable. So, in order to build a trust with your audience, let them have sneak peeks or take demo courses. This will both create a trust bond between your business and your audience, and will also draw them into to your courses. 

Use your current and past learners to your advantage.

The most effective marketing is the marketing your current learners will do for you. Word-of-mouth from a satisfied customer can be the single most important reason a person might want to take your courses. But, word-of-mouth is a double edged sword. And if a your current learners are dissatisfied with your courses, their opinion either online of offline can turn a lot of other customers away from your business. Make sure that your learners get the best experience possible, not only during the courses but after too, when they need feedback or help!

A digital credential goes a long way.

People not only want to learn a new skill, but also want to use theses skills. This is where digital credentials such as certificates come into play. Offering a certificate to learners is proven to increase the participation of a course. Another, often overlooked but much more important benefit of digital certificates is that they create organic promotion for your business. Whenever your learners use, share or add their certificates to their LinkedIn page, they are also promoting your business too, for free. This can be as effective of an promotion as word-of-mouth, since your target audience can see these certificates often from their peers. This creates a credibility unlike other for your business. There is not a single reason to not use certificates and this is where Sertifier comes in. Sertifier allows you to create, send and store smart certificates and priceless educational data for your business. Even better you can integrate Sertifier into your website for a more complete learning experience within your e-learning page!


That is all for now! Remember, it all starts with identifying and understanding your target audience, reaching out to them and standing out in your promotions. And most importantly, making sure your audience is satisfied during and after your courses, using good communication and digital credentials. Check out our other blogs which were created for educators if you want to learn more! We also have a free e-guide for educational technologies, which you can find on our blog site as well. Start promoting your e-learning business now!

Barış Bingöl

Barış Bingöl is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sertifier Inc. and works each day to build bridges between their products & services and the individuals & institutions that benefit from them.

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