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Case Study: UBITS x Sertifier

A Collaborative Case Study of UBITS’ Partnership with Sertifier

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Efficient credential management is paramount for ensuring seamless operations and high levels of learner satisfaction in the e-learning industry. This case study explores the transformative collaboration between Sertifier, the leading digital credentialing platform, and Ubits, a prominent developer of corporate learning solutions.

Ubits, a renowned subscription-based corporate learning platform, faced significant challenges in managing the credential creation and distribution process for its high volume of learners. The need for an integrated, efficient solution became increasingly apparent as manual processes led to inefficiencies and resource allocation issues.

Sertifier stepped in as a key partner to address these challenges. With a robust platform designed to streamline digital credentialing, Sertifier offered Ubits the tools to automate and optimize their credential management processes. This partnership not only improved operational efficiency but also enhanced the overall learning experience for Ubits’ users.

Through this case study, we delve into the specifics of how Sertifier’s innovative solutions have empowered Ubits to overcome their credentialing challenges, achieve significant efficiency improvements, and ensure data security. The collaboration stands as a testament to the impact of advanced credential management technologies in the e-learning industry.


Ubits is a corporate learning platform in Latin America designed to facilitate the training and performance monitoring of corporate employees. Operating within the education and training services industry, Ubits offers a subscription-based interface that allows users to access a wide range of e-learning materials, including virtual learning sessions, video tutorials, and live training workshops. 

Industry, Services, and Target Audience

Ubits’ services are designed to meet the needs of HR departments looking to provide continuous learning opportunities for their workforce. By offering a comprehensive suite of training materials, Ubits helps organizations maintain a competitive edge through ongoing employee development.

Commitment to High-Quality E-Learning Experiences

Ubits is deeply committed to delivering high-quality e-learning experiences. This commitment is evident in their meticulous approach to content creation and delivery, ensuring that all learning materials are engaging, relevant, and up-to-date. Ubits leverages advanced technology to provide personalized learning pathways, enabling employees to progress at their own pace and according to their specific needs.

Operational Scale

Ubits operates on a substantial scale, catering to numerous corporations across various industries. The platform handles a high volume of learners, necessitating robust systems for credential creation and distribution. By automating these processes, Ubits aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its training programs, ultimately improving overall employee performance and satisfaction. This large-scale operation underscores the importance of their collaboration with Sertifier to streamline credential management and optimize resource allocation.


Ubits faced several challenges related to credential management amidst a rapidly growing user base. As demand for their virtual learning sessions and training materials surged, Ubits encountered inefficiencies in credential creation and distribution processes. These challenges not only hindered operational agility but also posed risks to user satisfaction and engagement. Addressing these issues became imperative for Ubits to maintain high-quality service delivery and support their ambitious growth trajectory in the competitive e-learning industry.

High Volume of Learners: Ubits faced the challenge of managing a large influx of learners on their platform. This high volume necessitated an efficient system for creating and distributing credentials. Manual processes were proving inadequate and led to delays in credential issuance, impacting user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Credential Creation and Distribution Efficiency: Efficiently managing the creation and distribution of credentials posed a significant challenge for Ubits. With a growing user base and diverse learning needs, there was a pressing need to streamline this process. The existing methods were time-consuming,  error-prone, and did not scale effectively with increasing demand.

Maintaining Agile Operations: As Ubits aimed to maintain agility in their operations, the complexity of credential management processes emerged as a barrier. The manual handling of credentials consumed valuable resources and detracted from other critical business functions. Automating this process became essential to freeing up resources and ensuring agility in responding to market demands and customer needs.

Metrics and Performance Indicators Ubits Aimed to Improve

Operational Efficiency in Credential Management: Improving operational efficiency in credential management was a key focus for Ubits. They aimed to reduce the time and effort spent on manual tasks related to credential creation and distribution. By implementing a more streamlined and automated system, Ubits sought to enhance productivity and responsiveness across their organization.

User Satisfaction and Engagement: Enhancing user satisfaction and engagement through timely and accurate credential issuance was another critical metric for Ubits. They recognized that seamless access to credentials directly impacts user experience and retention. Therefore, optimizing this process was crucial for maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and engagement with their e-learning platform.

Partnership with Sertifier

In their pursuit of optimizing credential management processes, Ubits undertook a meticulous search for a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing systems while ensuring scalability and robust data security measures. The challenge lay in efficiently managing the high volume of learners accessing their corporate learning platform, which necessitated a streamlined approach to credential creation and distribution.

During their evaluation, Ubits identified Sertifier as a pivotal solution provider that stood out for its ability to offer an all-inclusive platform addressing their intricate requirements. Key to this decision was Sertifier’s reputation for delivering a holistic approach to digital credentialing, encompassing not just efficient issuance and distribution but also robust features for customization, tracking, and secure storage.

Ubits was particularly impressed by Sertifier’s commitment to providing a user-friendly interface that could be easily integrated into their existing systems without the need for extensive customization or development resources. This capability resonated deeply with Ubits’ strategic objective to enhance operational efficiency and minimize manual efforts involved in managing credentials across their expansive learner base.

Moreover, Sertifier’s track record in empowering organizations to achieve significant improvements in credentialing processes through automation and comprehensive support services played a decisive role in Ubits’ decision-making process. The assurance of robust data security measures and compliance with industry standards further underscored Sertifier’s capability to safeguard sensitive learner information and uphold privacy regulations effectively.

By partnering with Sertifier, Ubits aimed to not only resolve immediate challenges associated with credential management but also to future-proof their operations against scalability issues and technological advancements in the e-learning landscape. The integration with Sertifier represented a strategic investment towards achieving operational excellence, enhancing user satisfaction, and maintaining a competitive edge in the educational technology sector.

Implementation and Impact

The implementation of Sertifier at Ubits marked a pivotal moment in their journey toward optimizing credential management and enhancing operational efficiency within their e-learning platform. By adopting Sertifier’s comprehensive solution, Ubits aimed to streamline their credential issuance process, improve data security, and achieve significant savings in resource allocation. This section explores the tangible impacts observed after integrating Sertifier into Ubits’ existing systems, highlighting measurable improvements in system integration efficiency, data security, workforce management, and learner satisfaction. These outcomes underscore Sertifier’s role in supporting Ubits’ commitment to delivering high-quality e-learning experiences while maintaining operational agility and compliance.

Improved System Integration Efficiency: The integration of Sertifier led to a remarkable 50% improvement in system integration efficiency at Ubits. By automating previously manual processes and streamlining workflows, Ubits was able to accelerate the issuance and distribution of credentials, significantly reducing turnaround times and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: A critical aspect of Ubits’ transition to Sertifier was ensuring robust data security and compliance with industry regulations. The implementation of Sertifier resulted in zero data breach incidents, demonstrating its capability to safeguard sensitive learner information and maintain compliance standards without compromise.

Savings in Team Hour Allocations: The adoption of Sertifier’s automated credential management solution translated into significant savings in team hour allocations at Ubits. By minimizing the manual effort required for credential creation and distribution, Ubits could reallocate valuable human resources to more strategic initiatives, thereby optimizing workforce management and improving productivity.

Enhanced Learner Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency: Ubits observed a notable enhancement in learner satisfaction following the implementation of Sertifier. Learners benefited from quicker access to their credentials and a smoother overall experience, contributing to higher satisfaction rates and increased engagement with Ubits’ learning programs. Operationally, the streamlined processes facilitated by Sertifier allowed Ubits to deliver a more responsive and agile learning environment resulted in a 35% increase in course completion rates and a 20% rise in learner retention.

Results and Observations

The collaboration between Sertifier and Ubits has yielded significant advancements in credential management, underscoring the transformative impact of streamlined solutions in the e-learning sector. By integrating Sertifier’s comprehensive platform, Ubits successfully addressed the challenges associated with high-volume credential creation and distribution. This partnership not only optimized operational efficiency but also enhanced data security and compliance, positioning Ubits as a leader in corporate learning solutions.

Key outcomes of the collaboration include a 50% improvement in system integration efficiency and zero data breach incidents, reflecting Sertifier’s commitment to enhancing resource optimization and maintaining rigorous security standards. Ubits also realized substantial savings in team hour allocations, allowing them to reallocate resources towards strategic initiatives and improving learner engagement.

Sertifier’s platform has proven instrumental in enhancing learner satisfaction through seamless certificate issuance and badge management. This streamlined approach has empowered Ubits to deliver a superior learning experience while:

Driving increased course completion rates by 35% Boosting learner retention by 20%and Enhancing course sign-ups by 40%

For e-learning companies grappling with similar challenges, Sertifier offers a robust solution tailored to optimize credential management processes. With its proven track record in improving operational efficiency and ensuring data security, Sertifier stands ready to support organizations in achieving their strategic objectives and delivering exceptional learning experiences.

As the landscape of corporate e-learning continues to evolve, e-learning companies are encouraged to explore Sertifier’s integrated platform and harness its capabilities to drive innovation and excellence in credential management. Embracing Sertifier represents a proactive step towards enhancing operational agility, boosting learner engagement, and achieving sustainable growth in today’s competitive market.


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