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Case Study: Digital Credentials on Brand Loyalty

Totango is a composable customer success platform designed to help businesses run and scale their customer journeys. Totango just launched a new customer learning platform called Totango Creator Campus, a self-paced learning platform that allows users to earn “digital badges” for completing courses. This initiative aims to encourage users to take advantage of the free training materials available on the platform.

The goal was clear: they wanted to create a pathway for users to achieve different levels of mastery within the platform. The team at Totango decided to choose Sertifier as their digital credentialing vendor for the Totango Creator Campus, which was designed on micro-credentials from the beginning! The case study is about the effect of digital credentials on brand loyalty.

In this case study, you will read sections from the webinar we held with Kristin Lisson, Director of Enablement & Customer Training at Totango!

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