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Case Study: U.S. Transactions Corporation & Sertifier

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What is this about?

US Transactions Corp. is a merchant service provider providing credit card processing to Associations and B2B merchants.  The UST Education Series has been newly established, which organizes certified webinars on CAEs and CPEs. On their journey, UST Education faced problems with issuing and distributing their certificates. This is where US Transactions Corp. met the Sertifier team.

Sertifier App belongs to an umbrella organization called Sertifier INC. Sertifier INC. is a big data company that focuses on creating the necessary tools to collect skill-oriented education data in one place. By doing so, the company organizes feedback and analytics using AI-powered algorithms.

In this case study, we would like to talk about how we add value to each other as two mutual institutions and how Sertifier was an excellent solution to the problems UST Education is experiencing.

Who is UST?

US Transactions Corp. is a market-leading reliable company in the sector that continues its activities in the field of credit card processing. Unlike its competitors, US Transactions Corp. only works with Associations and B2B enterprises and achieved great success with a 95% client retention rate
with more than 500 customers.

They are now a CAE (Certified Association Executive) and CPE (Continuing Professional Education) approved provider with the UST Education Academy, which they recently established, among other services they offer to their customers. Attendees who participate in UST Education’s webinar series earn Certified Association Executive (CAE) credits towards the American Society of Association Executive initial certification or ongoing continuing education requirements. Likewise, attendees may earn
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits as required for active CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), CFPs (Certified Financial Planners), and EAs (Enrolled Agents).

What Was The Challenge?

With the start of UST Education’s webinar series, UST Education has reached hundreds of attendees with the webinar series they organize a few times a week. Of course, UST Education encountered a certification process that had to be handled intensively. Due to the content of the certified webinar programs, one of the biggest expectations of UST Education’s attendees from UST Education was to be able to receive their specially issued certificates on time and use them where necessary. At this point, one of the biggest challenges faced by UST Education was that they sometimes had to send their certificates to their participants late due to a manual effort. They even faced complaints from some attendees who applied to UST Education for this reason and could not get their certificates in a short time. UST Education says that this is also a reason that reduces the number of participants in their webinars.

What UST Education realized at this point was that they needed a Certificate Management System that would make the certification process easier and automatized for them. Therefore, UST Education was prompted to search for digital credentials management services in the market.

How did US Transactions Corp. decide to work with Sertifier?

US Transactions met Sertifier after an online research process in which they sought solutions to problems. In this online evaluation process, of course, they evaluated other alternatives in the market together with Sertifier. According to Jenni Glaze (Sr. Director, Business Development & Operations), there are services offered by other software, but they are far from meeting the needs of US Transactions Corp.

“Other softwares we vetted could do one or two things really well, but not everything that we needed. Sertifier was a full-featured and automated solution for us. There was also a huge pricing difference!”

Jenni Glaze (Sr. Director, Business Dev & Ops)

UST Education planned a Demo Meeting with Sertifier considering the alternatives needing more manual editing and effort and the major pricing differences. After completing the necessary onboarding process with the Demo Meeting, US Transactions Corp. started working with Sertifier to send and share their certificates.

How Was Sertifier Helpful?

Sertifier is a software that integrates with platforms such as Moodle, Zapier, and Canvas LMS, and it constantly develops and renews itself in line with the requests and needs of its customers. At just such a point, we strengthened our ties with UST Education! UST organizes more than 3 webinars per week and these webinars require the issuance of completely different certificates for hundreds of attendees and their prompt delivery. However, it was a huge waste of time that UST Education had to do it completely manually before starting to work with Sertifier.

At this point, while Sertifier’s Zapier integration enabled the automatization of recipient names, it could not automate information about the content of the webinar. To solve this problem of UST Education, we created a new Zap on Zapier so that both recipient names and education information are automated and easily integrated with Sertifier App. This not only solved one of our client’s biggest problems but also made Sertifier even better!

White Labeling
The customized branding option of Sertifier’s mail and certificates to customers provided benefits that US Transactions did not expect. The fact that UST Education can use its brands in certificates and emails in order to increase brand visibility and create a more professional appearance has confirmed how reliable and well-established UST Education is.

According to UST Education, thanks to this feature, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of participants, while at the same time, other organizations were asking what kind of service they were using!

Sertifier’s Reports feature, which is very easy to use and useful, allows the sent certificates to be stored more securely, as well as to see where the certificates are used and shared. Among the services offered by Sertifier, one of the most used was the Reports feature by UST Education. Thanks to this system, UST Education could help their attendees who apply them to inquire about their lost certificates from time to time by easily finding and resubmitting their certificates, helping them to establish healthier and more trusting relationships with their attendees.

Moreover, being able to follow the certificates helped UST Education a lot in terms of being able to see which attendees attended which webinars. UST Education used this feature to give little surprises to its participants. They strengthened their ties with the institution by sending greeting cards to the attendees who attended the most.

One of the most important things for the Sertifier team is to assist customers in all their usage processes, starting from onboarding, and to provide an easy-to-use experience. For this purpose, Sertifier has a friendly Support Team working 24/7. One of the features that made UST Education’s Sertifier experience the best was working with a team where they could share their problems whenever they wanted. Thus, UST Education was always able to stay in touch with the Sertifier Team in line with the needs of their institution, which differ from time to time.

During our interviews, Jenni Glaze talked about the positive experiences she had with our Support Team and how it was the right decision to start working with Sertifier!


As a newly established academy, UST Education met Sertifier at a time when, as an institution that organizes weekly certified webinars, they had some difficulties in issuing and sending their certificates, which is one of the most important things for its participants. While Sertifier was a more cost-effective solution than its alternatives, Sertifier completely solved UST Education’s existing problems with its customized integrations and full-featured automation.

UST Education is very pleased to have worked with Sertifier, as they are able to send their certificates within 30 minutes after the Webinars! At this point, UST Education informed us that they had regained their former attendees who had stopped participating in the webinars due to problems in not receiving their certificates on time and that there was even an extra increase in the number of participants.
In addition, UST Education has proven its professional attitude and increased its brand visibility with customized branding.

“I would say…Don’t walk. Run. Run to Sertifier and meet them. They will definitely be there for you and do their best for you.”

Jenni Glaze (Sr. Director, Business Dev & Ops)

We tried to share with you our mutual positive experience in our working process with UST Education. Sertifier rapidly continues its efforts to add value to educational technologies with the digital credentialing management software it has created for institutions, academies and schools. In this adventure, we are growing together with you.

We aim to be the most cost-effective and easy-to-use digital credentials management software with features growing day by day. You can always contact us to get more information about Sertifier. If you liked what you read and you think Sertifier might be a good solution for you in a similar case, let’s schedule a demo meeting and get to know each other better!

Ege Yalçınkaya

Hi there, this is Ege, I’m the GM of Sertifier Inc. where we are on a mission to make education accessible for all.

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