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Case Study: Open Weaver x Sertifier

How Open Weaver Certified Over 30K+ Developers in Less Than a Year with Sertifier

Open Weaver is a SaaS technology company focused on improving application development. They have developed the open-source reuse platform, kandi, which enables developers to find reusable code snippets and libraries for specific functions in their application development. The platform has over 650 million assets, including open source, public libraries, code snippets, solutions, marketplaces, and APIs. The company has also initiated live boot camps and self-paced certifications to help developers learn digital technologies.

Open Weaver faced the challenge of automating and facilitating the credentialing process for the skills acquired on their platform. They found Sertifier, which offered fast, automated, and integrable solutions. Open Weaver started to manage and track each credential distributed using Sertifier.

Sertifier makes creating, distributing, and tracking digital certificates and open badges easy. It provides detailed analytics that gives insight into how digital credentials are used and contributes to an organization’s marketing efforts. Using Sertifier, Open Weaver has created and issued over 30,000 digital credentials for various orientation training and events in less than a year. The digital credentials created by Sertifier can be queried, added to CVs, and shared through an exclusive verification page created for this company. Sertifier’s premium branding and white-labeling solutions have helped increase the visibility of the company and strengthened its position as a development platform.

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