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Case Study: Recruitee Clasrooms x Sertifier

How Sertifier’s Automated and Branded Credentialing Solutions Advanced Recruitee Classrooms

Recruitee is a SaaS-based recruitment software that helps internal HR teams find and hire better internal and external candidates. To provide more detailed product training, they created RecruiteeClassrooms in 2021, offering live classes turned into online training materials. To make their outstanding work more valuable, they decided to offer credentials to its participants, automating the process with Sertifier’s digital solution.

Sertifier empowers businesses by providing frameworks to develop and manage credentials for their training programs. Sertifier allows businesses to design and manage credentialing programs, track trainees’ progress through analytic reports, and calculate return on investment.

Thanks to their trust in Sertifier, company issued 427 certificates for different live lessons within a few months in 2021. They managed to streamline their process and saved a considerable amount of time and resources. HR and recruitment professionals engaging with RecruiteeClasrooms lessons could add their credentials to their CVs and share them on social media to verify their expertise and competencies.

These lessons, which received a lot of attention at the time of release, are now available on RecruiteeClasrooms and have since been attended by thousands of users and other professionals who want to learn more about recruitment.

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