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What To Do During Online Education?

Because of the global crisis, lockdowns also effected online education. Nowadays, all of the educational activities are moved to online area. But is it the right choice to move education online? If it is right how can we handle the process in a way that won’t harm the nature of the education?

Do We Really Need Those Courses and Trainings?

Be sure that your courses and trainings are beneficial to the users. You need to plan your courses by having the thought of being helpful. If you’re just organizing webinar to show that you can also do so, it can effect yours prestige, in a bad way. Luckily it’s easy to avoid this situation only organize webinars if they are good, and prevent the bad marketing.

You Believe That Your Course and Training is Beneficial?

Should you organize webinar? This is truly important to think about. You need to assess this situation according to your target audience. Since everybody is in a lockdown and the situations at home may be distracting, you need to be extra careful with your audience and make sure that they get the benefit from your webinar. You should prepare easy to understand guides to help participants and always record the webinar for the people facing technical difficulties such as connectivity. this also can help you to create a catalog for your courses.

Note This For Online Education

Be aware of the different products that you can use for your webinars. Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams are the most popular products these days. But of course, the product you will use will change according to your needs and your budget. You should consider your audience size number of participants your interaction with the participants and the duration of the webinar. Decide on the product you use to conduct the webinar and learn it’s carefully.

You should also ask questions to your participants. They experience can lead you to improve your webinars. Also, being listened will make participants feel privileged and they will be motivated.

How to Increase Motivation?

Education and learning do not necessarily mean instantaneous benefit. Also, the skills and knowledge gained from the courses are hard to store and share without any document. Smart certificates and open badges can fulfill the necessary needs. Using a digital badge maker in online education process will increase motivation. I believe that everybody should follow a human-centered approach to work on solutions.

Ege Yalçınkaya

Hi there, this is Ege, I’m the GM of Sertifier Inc. where we are on a mission to make education accessible for all.

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