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Best Customer Success Courses

Essential Courses and Certification Programs for Customer Success Professionals

Whether you’re looking to begin a new career in customer success management or improve the skills and knowledge you already have, there are plenty of customer success courses available to help you.

There are so many options that it may be difficult to decide on just one. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite customer success courses, divided into essential courses for those who just want to learn more and certifications for those who need a formal document to practice customer success.

Here are the customer success courses that have made our list:

Essential Courses

1. Inbound Service Fundamentals – Hubspot Academy

If you’re doubtful about whether a career in customer success is right for you, this program can help you figure it out.

The course is free and only takes an hour to complete, so this is an excellent opportunity to enter customer success management before committing to a more comprehensive certification program.

2. Customer Experience Management Essentials – Udemy

This course is ideal for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of customer success since it does not require any significant experience.

This 3.5-hour training course will take you through various practical exercises and quizzes, allowing you to create, measure, and improve customers’ journeys by the end.

3. Customer Success Manager 101: Foundations To Your CSM Career – Udemy

If you intend to start a new career with customer success, this is an excellent course to take. You will learn more about what is expected of you as a Customer Success Manager, how to write a resume, and how to prepare for an interview so that you can get your dream job on the first try.

4. Sales: Customer Success – Linkedin Learning

If you’ve previously taken customer success courses, this one will help you expand your knowledge.

You will be able to scale your company’s customer success strategy and align customer success with the other departments in your company at the end of this training. If you have a LinkedIn Learning Subscription, you can take this course for free.

5. Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM) V2.1 – Cisco Training

This is the course for you if you want to increase your chances of retaining customers while successfully optimizing their lifecycle journey. Everything directly relating to the position of Customer Success Manager can be found here in one convenient location.

This is the ideal course if you want to increase your confidence in performing the primary responsibilities of your role to the fullest using real-life use cases and case studies.

Since this is the most comprehensive customer success course out there, its $800 price tag is reasonable.

Essential Courses


CSM credentials indicate to a potential employer that a candidate has experience with many of the analytics and dashboards that are now used to utilize user data and truly comprehend customers and their needs.

Certifications, whether in the form of digital badges or a paper document, give employers assurance that they are able to handle all aspects of customer success and relationship-building. To work as a customer success professional, you must hold a CSM certification. Therefore, we’ve list the top CSM certification courses below:

6. Customer Success Manager (CSM) Certification – SuccessTRAINING

SuccessTRAINING is a training and certification program powered by SuccessHACKER. Unlike other certifications on the market, which require a one-time payment, they provide monthly or annual access to training modules.

You can also enroll in the course as an individual or as a group. This can be a significant benefit for businesses since everyone can grow together rather than one person having all the knowledge.

7. Graduate Certificate In Customer Success Management – RMIT

RMIT Online’s Graduate Certificate in Customer Success Management is a program with a college course structure. The 12-month course covers the most recent approaches in marketing, technology, leadership, analytics, sales, and business strategy. You can also opt for an accelerated growth version of 6 months, both pricing $13680/year.

8. Coaching Your Team in Totango – Totango

Monitor and elevate your team in Totango! Learn how to use the Team Spotlight to prioritize work activity, advise team members, and make strategic decisions together.

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Sum Up

There are the finest classes you can enroll in to enhance your project management abilities in general, as well as your chance of getting hired in the future.

The variety of customer success courses is outstanding, and the majority will be very beneficial to new CSMs.

Nevertheless, it’s slightly more challenging to determine which qualification is the most crucial. They are not approved by any standard agency and are thus only suggested because people who have taken these courses claim they are good. Therefore, it is up to everyone to decide how crucial it is to obtain CSM certification. Please reach out to full-video here:

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