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How To Transform Your Students from Quitters To Completors

If you’re an online student struggling in a class, or you are teaching a class with students at risk of quitting, here are the top recommendations from mentors for facing some of the most common scenarios. This article will cover some of the most common reasons for giving up while going through an online course. Not to worry, though, because there are many strategies you can use to increase completion rates in your online courses such as using milestones and rewards like digital badges. We will go into more detail about these strategies later on. 

Feeling Overwhelmed

Adding an online course to your calendar may provide you with more flexibility and convenience, but you’ll still need to find time to do the work. This can be intimidating, especially if you’re taking your first online course and are still learning to use new technologies for class participation and communication. In terms of assignments, reading, and group work, advanced topics and accelerated courses can be demanding.

Contact your teacher with specific concerns regarding requirements, assignments, and participation expectations if you think the course is too much for you. Make sure you understand the course objectives and what you’ll need to do to achieve them.

To help your students track their progress and avoid the feeling of falling behind, you can break your course down into more understandable chunks and give rewards like digital badges upon completion. This will make your students reassure themselves because they are learning and getting digital badges in exchange that they can showcase on professional social media sites.

Falling Behind on Assignments

Procrastination strikes everyone, including educators, at some point, and life events cause us to put a lesson on hold. This can swiftly spiral out of control in accelerated courses. You have little time to catch up after being late on one project and then another. It can be tough to recover when tasks pile up on top of each other.

To get ahead of this, begin to create time management habits. Although it may not appear so, being a student is a temporary condition, and the sacrifices you make now will be well worth it after you graduate. If you’ve already fallen behind, contact your teacher as soon as possible to explain why you’ve fallen behind and make a strategy to get back on track. He or she may have spotted the issue and contacted you to inquire about it. There is probably more flexibility than you realize, and they can help you prioritize and finish the work before the end of the semester. As educators, we want you to be a successful online student.

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Being Stuck in a Boring Course

However, not every online education is created equal. Others are primarily text-based and repetitive, while some are incredibly engaging with fantastic graphic content, interaction, and the opportunity to be creative. We must all attend obligatory core courses in our programs that we may not have picked on our own but that help us gain the information and abilities we need to excel in our fields. Boredom can creep in and lead to procrastination and bad grades, whether you are detached in class or simply disinterested in the content.

As an instructor, you can incorporate gamification and digital badges into your courses to increase the interactivity of your online class which will increase the engagement of your students. Your pupils can compete for digital badges as they play gamified course content while learning. Some studies suggest that we learn better when we engage in friendly competition, so this method will help you boost course completion rates. That’s all there is to say about how to make your students become competitors. And a brief overview of several simple methods for motivating students in an online learning environment. These suggestions emphasize communication between students and teachers, which is easy to overlook when teaching in an empty classroom via video broadcast. It’s difficult to determine the correct teaching speed and check-in speed to see whether learners are okay without that in-person interaction. This is one of the reasons gamification and digital badges are on the rise in the online teaching community. Some strategies to increase completion rates include breaking down the course content into easily understandable chunks, setting milestones for your students, incorporating gamification and offering digital badges as rewards upon completion. Students will be more interested in the themes and open to responding to questions and participating in class projects if they use these strategies.

If you are interested, you can start issuing digital badges for your students right now. Try Sertifier for free!

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