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Get Your First Digital Badge, Here’s How?

Nowadays, many of us have integrated new concepts into our lives as online training has increased. These are digital certificates and digital badges. Along with technology, the traditional appearance of certificates and badges is being replaced by digital certificates and badges. A digital badge is an achievement and indicator that can be viewed, accessed, and verified online. A digital badge is verified proof of an acquired skill, achievement, or acquired knowledge. These badges can be earned online in various environments. It can be earned in various environments, as well as actually published. Digital badges can be viewed or shared online on various platforms such as social media mediums such as Linkedin, blogs. Therefore, digital badges can be used to provide proof of learning and benefits to employers, organizations, and other parties. Digital badges stand out as a complement to traditional diplomas or certificates.

Badges provide evidence of site-specific personal training, agility in a software solution, etc. 

Digital badges also carry digital identities within themselves. Thanks to this, personal information and achievements are always collected inside. Digital badges not only prove people’s competence but also strengthen digital identities by containing information about training. Digital IDs and certificates are designed to resemble their physical appearance, while digital badges have a more unique appearance. 

Digital badges are a very important part of digital identity in business life. It ensures the recognition of achievements and competencies and continues in a permanent way as digital proof of this success.

Digital badges are an indicator that indicates the professionalism of employees in their career life and contain document content.

There are many ways to earn a digital badge. There are many organizations that offer official digital badges or certificates for achievements online, and their badges and requirements will vary. There are some things to consider when buying digital badges.

Before Getting a Digital Badge

• How much effort is put into gaining recognition?

• What will you get in return for your work?

• What kind of file will you receive? Or, in other words, what is a digital badge?

• How will others know that the digital badge is official?

• Can you download the digital badge file or will it be locked on the organization’s website?

According to the answers to these questions, a digital badge after a digital education always meets the professionalism in business life and helps to improve the CV. Along with these conditions and what needs to be paid attention to, there are four main players in the badge ecosystem: Winners, Givers, Demonstrators, and Acceptors. While the period of earning, giving, requesting, sharing, and recognizing a digital badge of these players is progressing in this state, these processes become one step with Sertifier.

Barış Bingöl

Barış Bingöl is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sertifier Inc. and works each day to build bridges between their products & services and the individuals & institutions that benefit from them.

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