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Tips to Boost Student Participation in Online Education

5 Tips To Encourage Students

Remote education, which comes to our agenda with the limitations of the Covid-19 crises, requires a great deal of discipline and order. According to researches, especially primary and secondary school students had a lot of difficulty in achieving this discipline during past year. Thanks to remote education, students have the freedom to listen to lessons from wherever and whenever they want. Unfortunately this situation caused a decrease in the participation rates during the actual hours of the lessons. Some schools have applied various ways to improve the situation by setting rules such as attendance. Are rules and prohibitions enough to increase the number of participants?

According to experts, prohibitions are not the only way to encourage students to listen the lectures.

1-Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication will be needed as much as face-to-face training in distance education. The communication bond established with students and parents both during the live lesson and after the lesson is one of the factors that will increase the rate of attendance. It is very difficult to reach students correctly without seeing their reactions and their communication with each other. For this reason, you can choose the interactive lesson method, which is a method that will increase your in-class communication. An example of interactive interaction is to ask questions to your students, to get their opinions on the subject, to organize a questionnaire and wait for their answers, to include the student in the lesson by opening a microphone if necessary.

2-Prepare Your Schedule in Advance

As in face-to-face education, determining the curriculum in advance and sharing it with the class will enable the instructors to work more regularly and make it easier for students to follow the lessons. These programs will help to teach regularly, to increase the rate of attendance and to make distance education more efficient.

3- Simplify the Processes

Remote education is a method that many students have just met. Sometimes it can be confusing and difficult for students. It is better to explain all the system. Such as; logging in to the system, doing their homework and how to follow the lessons. The success rate of distance education will increase if the teachers pay attention on simplifying the processes.

4-Give Them Solvable Homeworks

The difficulty level of the given assignments should be chosen more carefully than the assignments given in face-to-face education. The idea of doing this should be letting students feel the sense of accomplishment when they finish their homeworks. That will help increasing their attention to the lessons. Homeworks should be able to encourage the students to devote their time on research and to discuss with their friends.

5-Establish Individual Communication with Students

Many students has experienced the distance education model for the first time. Sometimes it makes it difficult to establish a special bond between the instructor and the student through digital channels. Spending individual time with students will help strengthen this bond. Try to ask their thoughts, don’t forget to give them motivational speeches, and set goals they can achieve.

These tips will definitely help you increase the rate of participation to the classes and ensure that distance education is successful. Extra tip: Do not forget to send certificates online at the end of education.

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