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Ebook: Introduction To Digital Badges & Certificates

Table of Contents:

What are Digital Badges & Certificates?

  • What Is a Digital Badge?
  • What is a Digital Certificate?
  • What’s The Value for You?

Advantages of Digital Badges & Certificates over Traditional Ones

  • Why Issue Digital Badges & Certificates?

How Can You Issue Digital Badges & Certificates?

  • How Sertifier Can Help?
  • What Makes Sertifier Different from Other Tools?
  • Can I use Sertifier for free? Are There Any Limitations?


Despite being the most popular way to prove skills and knowledge in most industries, traditional paper certificates are becoming obsolete due to their limitations. Digital credentials such as digital badges and digital certificates are getting more popular.

Digital badges and certificates are digital credentials that provide proof of an individual’s professional achievements and qualifications. They contain key elements such as the date of issue, details on the event, the name of the issuer and recipient, a URL to verify its authenticity, and a unique serial number and QR code.

A digital badge is a digital representation of a skill earned and linked to evidence of achievement. It is a way to recognize skills and achievements and is open-source, issued by an organization or individual, and can be embedded with metadata for verification and sharing.

Digital certificates, on the other hand, represent real-world achievements in education or the workforce. They are paperless, unique, and verifiable documents that are accessible anywhere with an internet connection. They are perfect for today’s global workplace as they need to be portable, verifiable, and trustworthy across borders and time zones.

Digital badges and certificates offer several advantages over traditional paper certificates. They are more flexible, convenient, and carry more information. They are digital, shareable, and verifiable and can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. Unlike traditional certificates, they cannot be easily faked and prove knowledge, skills, and competencies more comprehensively.

Employers need more than just a CV to find suitable hires in the new digitalised world. Digital badges and certificates provide digital representations of knowledge, skills, and achievements and play a crucial role in connecting learners with job opportunities through their networks. The Open Badge 2.0 standard allows for easily sharing credentials with a broader audience.

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