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The Increasing Importance of Digital Identities and the Use of Digital Badges

The importance of digital identities continues to increase day by day. Identities that keep up with the developing and digitalizing world have also been included in the digital transformation. It is now very easy to see that digital systems and digital identities will become an important part of our lives in the coming years of the digitalization process. These systems provide us with many advantages and make our lives easier.

Unlike traditional identities, digital identities such as microcredentials,  provide the opportunity to host a wide variety of information about you. These identities allow much different information to be kept digitally and securely. From the information of the identity holders in the government database to the banking records, these identities can be integrated with our CVs. 

These technologies also prevent someone else from introducing him/herself as another person and benefiting from the problems in the system. Digital identities continue to be one of the most effective methods to fight against identity theft and fraud. With the features we have mentioned, digital identities are the most secure way to verify who you are.

Benefits & Significance Of A Strong Digital Identity

Digital identities that you create are your representations on the internet. It is also in your hands to have a stronger digital identity. online badges and certificates step in at this point. Online badges, like digital identities, take full advantage of the technology revolution. 

It allows us to prove the skills gained and the experience gained without any shred of doubt. Online badges, which are much more reliable than physical badges and certificates, work in harmony with your digital identities. By proving the training you have received with your online badges, you can strengthen your CV, which is integrated into your digital identity, day by day.

Online badges are not only a document proving your proficiency, but they also play an important role in strengthening your digital identity by incorporating a lot of information about the education you have received. 

The fact that many big companies such as Google and IBM are adding online badges and certificates to their programs gives us important signals of the change to come.

Use In Block-Chain And Other Systems

Developing verification systems also makes digital identity processes faster and more reliable. Blockchain-based systems, for example, make it very difficult to manipulate and change data about someone. Blockchain technology protects you against fraud and secures your identity. At the same time, this technology can store and protect your information without the need for extra authority and at no cost due to its decentralized structure. It gives them control of your system information into your own hands and does not need a third party or institution. The use of blockchain technology in fields such as finance and banking and its inclusion in our daily lives are the most significant indicators of the importance digitalization will have.

In a nutshell

Although these identities are now the perfect complement to conventional identities, they are likely to completely replace physical identities in the coming years. For this and many other reasons, it seems that it will be very important to develop our digital identities and to support them with digital certificates and online badges.

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