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Case Study: The Power Business School

The Power Business School

The Power Business School is an online education platform that offers MBA-level programs to students worldwide. As the school experienced rapid growth, it needed a solution to streamline the process of acknowledging and commemorating the achievements of its students. Traditional methods of credentialing, such as printing and sending physical certificates, were found to be tedious and costly. Additionally, tracking and managing the credentials issued were labor-intensive and inefficient.

Using Sertifier to Streamline Digital Credentialing and Boost Visibility 

To automate the credentialing process and provide an efficient way to track and manage the credentials issued, The Power Business School turned to Sertifier. The automation capabilities and comprehensive analytics of Sertifier impressed the organization, providing an understanding of how their credentials were utilized. The organization also developed a distinctive and recognizable brand for their credentials with the flexibility and customization provided by Sertifier.

By implementing Sertifier, The Power Business School was able to issue almost 50,000 digital credentials to students in a short period. The automation capabilities of Sertifier made issuing credentials more efficient, allowing the school to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of its students quickly. The school increased student engagement and satisfaction by providing students with tangible proof of their achievements. The Power Business School’s branded credentials also helped increase the visibility of the organization and the programs they offered. The analytics provided by Sertifier helped the organization gain a deeper understanding of the impact of its credentials and made data-driven decisions about its programs.

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