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Case Study: The Power


As a premier online education platform offering MBA-level programs to students worldwide, The Power experienced exponential growth, necessitating a streamlined approach to acknowledge and celebrate achievements. Conventional methods of credentialing, involving manual printing and distribution of physical certificates, proved arduous and costly, compounded by the labor-intensive task of credential tracking and management.

In response, The Power turned to Sertifier to automate the credentialing process and enhance credential management efficiency. Sertifier’s automation capabilities and robust analytics impressed the institution, providing invaluable insights into credential utilization patterns. Moreover, the platform’s customizable branding features enabled the development of a distinct brand identity for the school’s credentials.

By leveraging Sertifier, The Power successfully issued nearly 50,000 digital credentials in a short span, significantly expediting the recognition of student accomplishments. This not only heightened student engagement and satisfaction by furnishing tangible evidence of achievement but also amplified the Power’s visibility and brand recognition. Furthermore, the analytical tools provided by Sertifier empowered the institution to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding program enhancements and strategic initiatives.

Through the integration of Sertifier, The Power not only modernized its credentialing processes but also fortified its position as a leader in online training, poised for continued growth and excellence.

The Power 

The Power

The Power revolutionizes online education by offering MBA-level programs to students worldwide. With a commitment to accessibility and excellence, the platform provides a flexible pathway for individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamic realm of business. Rooted in a philosophy of practicality, relevance, and engagement, The Power fosters an immersive learning experience, augmented by access to a diverse community of peers and esteemed industry experts.

Driven by a mission to democratize education, The Power swiftly emerged as a global phenomenon, transcending geographical boundaries to reach over 120,000 trainees across 100 countries. At its helm stand visionary leaders from globally renowned entities such as Netflix, YouTube, and Tesla, lending their expertise to shape the school’s unparalleled curriculum and educational framework.

Through its unwavering dedication to providing the best programs accessible to all, The Power exemplifies a transformative force in education, empowering individuals worldwide to realize their full potential and embark on a journey of professional and personal growth.


The Power experienced rapid expansion, and a surge in enrollments posed significant challenges. Despite the notable achievements of its trainees and students, the institution encountered formidable obstacles in acknowledging and commemorating their successes. Conventional methods of credentialing, entailing manual printing and distribution of physical certificates, proved cumbersome and financially burdensome, exacerbating the strain on limited resources.

Moreover, the intricate workflow compounded by the absence of robust marketing channels hindered the school’s ability to promote its programs and recognize student accomplishments effectively. This absence of promotional avenues further compounded the challenge of attracting new students and expanding the school’s reach.

In addition to the complexities inherent in the credentialing process, The Power grappled with a shortage of both human and monetary resources. The labor-intensive nature of credential tracking and management strained personnel capacities while impeding the institution’s ability to invest in scalable solutions.

Amidst these multifaceted challenges, The Power recognized the imperative for a transformative solution—one that would streamline workflow, amplify marketing efforts, and optimize resource utilization to propel the institution toward its ambitious goals of academic excellence and global recognition.


Faced with the intricate challenges of credentialing in the digital age, The Power found a transformative solution in Sertifier. The platform’s advanced automation capabilities and robust analytics resonated deeply with the institution, offering unparalleled insights into credential utilization patterns. This newfound clarity empowered The Power to understand how their credentials can be utilized, enabling strategic refinements and enhancements to their educational offerings.

Furthermore, The Power leveraged Sertifier’s flexibility and customization features to cultivate a distinct and recognizable brand identity for its credentials. By harnessing Sertifier’s versatile toolkit, the institution could tailor its credentialing process to align seamlessly with its overarching mission and values. This customization not only enhanced the visual appeal of the credentials but also bolstered the school’s reputation as a purveyor of excellence in business education.

AspectManual Credentialing ProcessAutomated System with Sertifier
Time EfficiencyTime-consuming, taking weeks or months to issue credentials.Drastically reduced processing time, enabling swift issuance of credentials in minutes.
Cost SavingsIncurred expenses for printing, postage, and storage of physical certificates.Significant cost savings by eliminating expenses associated with physical certificates, and redirecting resources towards strategic initiatives.
AccuracyProne to errors in data entry, printing, and distribution.Enhanced accuracy and reliability through robust validation mechanisms, virtually eliminating the risk of inaccuracies.
Workflow ComplexityComplicated workflow requiring manual handling of each credential.Streamlined workflow with automated processes, freeing up personnel to focus on higher-value tasks.
Tracking and ManagementLabor-intensive tracking and management of credentials.Efficient tracking and management of credentials, providing real-time insights into utilization patterns.

Why Sertifier? 

The transition from manual credentialing processes to the automated system facilitated by Sertifier heralded a paradigm shift in efficiency and effectiveness for The Power.

  • Automation

The Power sought to free its resources from the chaos of manual credentialing processes. Sertifier’s self-serve platform offered the perfect solution, automating the credentialing process and empowering personnel to focus on strategic initiatives. With Sertifier, The Power could redirect time and energy towards enhancing educational offerings and student experiences, confident that the credentialing process was in capable hands.

  • Bulk Sending

The Power faced the daunting task of acknowledging and commemorating the achievements of its rapidly growing student base. With thousands of credentials to distribute, the institution sought a solution that could streamline the process with efficiency and ease. Sertifier emerged as the answer, offering bulk sending that enabled The Power to dispatch thousands of credentials with a simple click. Whether uploading recipient data via spreadsheets or seamlessly integrating with existing systems, Sertifier’s bulk-sending feature alleviated logistical hurdles and empowered the institution to disseminate credentials swiftly and seamlessly.

  • Integrations

Integrating credentialing processes with existing workflows was paramount for The Power. Sertifier’s seamless integrations bridged the gap between the institution and its certifications, ensuring a frictionless experience that allowed personnel to focus on core priorities. With no coding required, Sertifier facilitated the creation of perfectly automated credentialing solutions, liberating The Power from the constraints of manual processes and enabling a seamless flow of information across platforms.

  • Analytics

Understanding the impact of credentials was crucial for The Power’s strategic decision-making. Sertifier’s enhanced analytics capabilities provided invaluable insights into credential performance, enabling the institution to track campaign metrics, measure engagement, and quantify marketing contributions. Armed with comprehensive analytics tools, The Power could make data-driven decisions and optimize credentialing strategies for maximum effectiveness.

  • Branding

In a competitive educational landscape, branding played a pivotal role in distinguishing The Power’s credentials. Sertifier’s premium branding features allowed the institution to elevate its digital badges and certificates, seamlessly integrating them into its brand and website. With Sertifier, The Power could ensure that its credentials shone as a testament to its commitment to excellence and professionalism, enhancing visibility and recognition among trainees and stakeholders alike.

110K+ 2.1%18
Credentials IssuedCredentials per recipientShare rate on social platforms


The integration of Sertifier as the digital credentialing solution yielded remarkable outcomes for The Power. Leveraging the platform’s automation capabilities, the institution successfully issued nearly 120K digital credentials to deserving graduates within a remarkably short timeframe. This expedited issuance process not only streamlined administrative workflows but also enabled The Power to promptly acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of its students, fostering a culture of recognition and accomplishment within the academic community.

By furnishing students with tangible proof of their accomplishments, The Power experienced a notable uptick in student engagement and satisfaction. The provision of digital credentials served as a powerful motivator, instilling a sense of pride and validation among recipients while reinforcing the value of their educational endeavors.

Moreover, The Power’s branded credentials played a pivotal role in increasing the visibility and prestige of the institution and its programs. With Sertifier’s premium branding features, the institution was able to elevate its credentials, seamlessly integrating them into its brand identity and website. This enhanced visibility not only attracted prospective students but also positioned The Power as a trailblazer in the field of online education, recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation.

Crucially, the analytics provided by Sertifier empowered The Powerl to gain deeper insights into the impact of its credentials and make informed, data-driven decisions about its programs. By tracking engagement metrics, measuring campaign effectiveness, and quantifying the marketing contribution of its credentials, the institution could optimize its credentialing strategies for maximum effectiveness, ensuring continued success and growth in the competitive landscape of online education.

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