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Case Study: Blue Level x Sertifier

How Blue Level Used Digital Credentials for Developing Workplace Cultures

Blue Level is a Black woman-owned enterprise that provides diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training for companies to help them build respectful and inclusive work environments. The company offers different types of training, including eLearning, eWorkshops, in-person training, webinars, and additional services. After participating in and finishing these training sessions, Blue Level issues digital certificates and badges to participants, documenting what they have learned. Working with companies at the enterprise level, Blue Level had to reflect their professionalism in the credentials they issued at the end of their training sessions. For this reason, the company needed a fast, automated, enterprise-grade solution for the credentialing process.

To transform the credentialing process into a digitized world, Blue Level searched for a solution that would create and distribute certificates and badges that were fast, automatically distributed, powerful, yet stylish, professional, and reflective of the company’s values. The Blue Level team encountered Sertifier during their search and decided to use it for all their training pieces. Sertifier helps organizations to set up a digital credentialing program in just minutes, design and deliver badges and certificates, automate the assessment process, and create pathways for ongoing learning. Sertifier’s advanced sharing options enable sharing achievements with others or promoting the organization as a leader in digital badges and certificates. Sertifier also provides detailed analytic reports for issuer organizations to calculate ROI and track recipient activity.

By working with Sertifier, the company was able to issue certificates and badges to hundreds of people, including employees from companies like Colgate, Nvidia, and Cedars Sinai. These certificates and badges acted as an incentive for the participants to attend and complete the training, became an element of prestige for the companies that received training, and revealed the professionalism of Blue Level in the service they provide. Overall, their use of digital credentials through Sertifier has helped the company streamline its credentialing process, reflect its professionalism in the credentials it issues, and provide participants with certificates and badges that are fast, stylish, and reflective of the company’s values.

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