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4 Things You Should Know About Open Badges

1. What is it?

Open Badges are the world’s leading format for digital badges. The latest standards for Open Badges are Open Badge v2.0 & Open Badge v2.1 which is set by IMS Global Learning Consortium. IMS Global sets variety of standards in education as well as Open Badge standards. Open Badge standard regulates packing the data inside an image file by following a method. This way Open Badges become verifiable and valuable. IMS Global has a validator for Open Badges available for your service.

2. Cool Things That You Can Do

We told that open badges are verifiable. Want to see how does it works? Download an open badge as a PNG file. Open it with a text editor. You should be able to see all the evidences and details of the badge within the text file. Issuer, receiver, required criteria, and relevant skills all of them are inside the Open Badge.

3. It Is Great for Gamification

Gamification improves morale and provides a healthy competitive environment within organizations. Also, it motivates desired activities. Point-based systems and achievement systems works great with Open Badges. Institutions can easily set learning trees or achievements and reward completers with Open Badges!

4. You Can Start Issuing Your Open Pages Right Now with Sertifier

Yes, right now, for free. Signup now to start rewarding Open Badges! You can create a beautiful badge design, add details of the event, attach evidences, and relate skills. You can send the badges in bulk and customize the notification emails. Open an account for free to start sending your Open Badges now!

4 Things You Should Know About Open Badges

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