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Designer by Sertifier

Designer by Sertifier

Here we are with a brand new, free for all, and easy-to-use product!

Designer by Sertifier is created to design certificate templates and automatically generate certificates. Certificates can be downloaded as PDF or PNG just as a draft or users can upload a list of receiver names in order for a series of certificates can be created automatically for everyone in that list. All of those certificates can also be downloaded as a bulk ready for printing or send-outs.


How does it work?

Designer works really straightforwardly. After you click the “Start Designing” button the main page, you are welcomed to designer interface, where there are tens of beautifully designed and customizable certificate templates. Users can upload their own designs, as well.

Users can add text and image fields. Once those fields are created, they can be located on the certificate design by click and drag feature. Text can be modified in terms of font type, font size, and color. Via uploading an image, you can have a design that reflects your brand image by adding your logos.

If users would like to later create personalized certificate, they must add “recipient name” field from the upper menu.

Once the design is finished, you simply click finish to continue!

You are asked to give an email address and your name. After that confirmation, you are ready to download it as PDF and PNG or import a recipient list to create a certificate bulk.

If you’d like to send those automatically, track them and use other features that comes with the original Sertifier, you can fill out the form below for a fast signup.

Why did we launch designer?

Credentials are the currency in which the skills are represented. We would like this to known and applied by as many people as possible. Education is the most critical foundation of welfare worldwide and any support we can provide would make us delighted beyond the stars.

We are also aware that the remote education and related contents such as webinars are in rise due to COVID-19 pandemic. It is our utmost duty to provide the community as best as we can, so we hope that this tool can help the small-size educators, tutors, and institutions to reach a greater impact.

Ege Yalçınkaya

Hi there, this is Ege, I’m the GM of Sertifier Inc. where we are on a mission to make education accessible for all.

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