The Best Accredible Alternatives #2

Accredible is a digital credentialing platform that allows organizations to create, issue, manage, and share digital badges and certificates. The platform provides various features, but as of now, there are many aspects where Sertifier outperforms them!

What Is Accredible?


Some of the key features of Accredible include customizable digital credentials, verification options, and third-party integrations. While Accredible offers a range of advantages over its competitors, it’s important to note that other digital credentialing platforms are available on the market. There are areas where Accredible has room for improvement, and in some aspects, its competitors surpass it. Organizations looking to implement a digital credentialing program should evaluate a variety of platforms to determine which one best meets their needs and budget.

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While Accredible offers a range of advantages, there are also a few potential downsides to consider:

Learning Curve: Accredible, like any digital credentialing platform, may have a learning curve for users who need to become more familiar with the platform. Some users may need to invest time to learn the platform and its features. There are many verified reviews about Accredible and it took months for them to understand how the platform worked.

Limited Features on the Free Plan: While Accredible offers a free plan, many organizations find that the features available on the free plan are limited and may not meet their needs. 

Cost: Accredible stands out as an expensive option compared to other products offering similar services. Plus, it takes time to close the deal with the sales team and start using the program.

Factors to consider when evaluating digital certificate platforms include the platform’s ease of use, customization options, verification options, integrations, pricing plans, and customer support. While Accredible is a well-established company, it has started to fall behind its competitors in many areas in recent years. By considering these factors and evaluating multiple platforms, organizations can choose the platform that best meets their needs and budget.

Accredible Pricing

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With a Launch Plan priced as high as $996/year for up to 250 recipients, Accredible positions itself at a premium, significantly higher than many market alternatives, with its Connect and Growth plans also requiring custom pricing.

The Best Accredible Alternative: Sertifier

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As we mentioned earlier, although Accredible is a popular digital credentialing platform, it is possible to acknowledge its downsides. Fortunately, Accredible is one of many digital credentialing solutions providers.

Sertifier distinguishes itself as the superior option. Offering an intuitive user interface, customizable designs, and in-depth analytics, Sertifier enhances both the issuance and receipt of digital credentials. It’s this combination of user-friendliness and advanced functionality that positions Sertifier as the preferred choice for organizations seeking to maximize value and recognition in their certification efforts.

Sertifier stands out as a top-tier digital credentialing software platform, empowering businesses to effortlessly create, manage, and distribute digital certificates and badges. Beyond its fundamental credentialing capabilities, Sertifier offers a comprehensive suite of services, including a customizable skill library, a user-friendly interface, expert customer support, and assistance with onboarding and implementation.

Moreover, Sertifier provides many customization options, consulting services for credential programs, dedicated account management, premium branding, and white-labeling capabilities. The platform boasts advanced integrations with various Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and tools like Zoom, Moodle, Zapier, Canvas, Thinkific, Coursera, Tutor LMS, and more.

For effective credential tracking, Sertifier equips users with detailed analytics reports. The platform’s digital credential wallet, Verified, allows users to effortlessly monitor, verify, and store their digital credentials, complete with unique credential IDs or QR codes.

Notably, Sertifier has secured the top spot as the leading digital credentialing company according to G2, underscoring its unwavering quality and consistently high customer satisfaction. Sertifier stands as an exceptional digital credentialing solution, offering unparalleled features and services that position it as a superior choice among other digital credentialing software options.

You can learn more about Sertifier’s features: 

Sertifier Pricing Plans

Sertifier offers customizable plans and pricing for a variety of needs. The Essentials plan costs $75/month for up to 1000 recipients, positioning itself as a more affordable option compared to Accredible. While Accredible’s other plans are not publicly disclosed, Sertifier’s next plan is publicly known, and it costs $167/month for 5000 recipients. Sertifier also offers an option to have custom pricing for more established enterprises.

You can also use Sertifier free for 14 days.

What Makes Sertifier the Best Accredible Alternative? 

Sertifier is frequently regarded as the premier alternative to Accredible. Offering an acclaimed digital credentialing software platform, Sertifier enables businesses to effortlessly create, oversee, and distribute digital certificates and badges.

Beyond its fundamental credentialing functions, Sertifier provides a wide array of services, including a customizable skill library, user-friendly interface, expert customer support, onboarding and implementation aid, and in-depth analytics reports. Tailoring plans to diverse needs, Sertifier includes various add-on features. Additionally, it boasts advanced integrations with a range of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and digital tools. G2 has consistently ranked Sertifier as the top digital credentialing company, underscoring its unwavering quality and high customer satisfaction.

Is Switching From Accredible to Sertifier easy? 

Sertifier makes it an extremely smooth process for anyone that is interested in making the switch from Accredible. Not only does it offer tons of advantages that Accredible lacks, which we’ve gone over in this blog, it also offers an excellent customer support journey for an easy transition.

If you are afraid of making the change because of the credentials you’ve already sent and the customer list you’ve created, you can import all of them to the Sertifier database with ease. To get started with this process, request a demo and select “Using another provider” option on the “How do you cover your digital credential needs right now?” question. Our team will be in contact in no time and they will guide you through every step along the way!

Q&A For Accredible Alternatives

What are some potential drawbacks of Accredible?

Some potential drawbacks of Accredible include its pricing model, as it is a relatively expensive option for digital credential management. Accredible also requires a learning curve.

What is the best alternative to Accredible?

The best alternative to Accredible is widely considered as Sertifier. Hundreds of business have chosen the latter, and many have made the transition to it from the former.

What are the features of Sertifier, and what is it used for?

Sertifier serves as a digital credentialing platform enabling businesses to generate, distribute, and oversee digital badges and certificates. The platform encompasses diverse functionalities, including comprehensive analytics reports, a skill library, user-friendly interface, dedicated customer support, onboarding and implementation services, all delivered in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, Sertifier offers sophisticated integrations with a variety of tools like Zoom, Zapier, Canvas, Moodle, Thinkific, and other Learning Management Systems (LMSs).

How does Sertifier verify and track credentials?

Sertifier provides users with extensive analytics reports to track all credentials. Through Verified, the live credential wallet powered by Sertifier, digital credentials issued by Sertifier can be monitored, verified, and stored using unique credential IDs or QR codes.

What makes Sertifier one of the best alternatives to Accredible?

Sertifier is considered one of the top Accredible alternatives due to its unique features and high customer satisfaction. It provides users with a skill library, an intuitive interface, specialized customer support, onboarding, implementation services, cost-effectiveness, and advanced integrations with Canvas, Moodle, Thinkific, and other LMS’s. Sertifier has also been rated the leading digital credential company for three consecutive seasons by G2 (Fall 2022, Summer 2022, Winter 2023).

How can Sertifier help save time and money?

By automating the credential creation and distribution process, Sertifier can help you save significant time and money. You no longer need to manually create certificates or badges or spend money on printing and mailing them. Sertifier also offers flexible pricing plans designed to fit any budget.

Is Switching From Accredible to Sertifier easy? 

You can import the credentials you’ve created using another provider to the Sertifier database with ease. To get started with this process, simply request a demo and select “Using another provider” option on the “How do you cover your digital credential needs right now?” question.

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