Support Your Company’s Learning Culture with Digital Certificates

Although the Company Learning Culture may vary from company to company, one of the main goals of today is to enable employees to receive feedback from the companies they serve, to improve while working, and to support employee learning appreciation processes with digital certificates. While integrating this process into the company structure and culture, smart certificate systems are frequently used today, and in addition, it can be a good option to motivate employees with Digital Certificates and Digital Badges and increase their commitment to their work. Apart from these processes, when there is any promotion or job description change within the company, the certification process is very important for the candidate in the adaptation process. Company learning culture carries certain motives in itself, depending on the structure of the company. These motives are supported by the various learning outcomes that the company wishes to have in addition. While shaping this whole learning process and culture within itself, companies should also attach importance to the sharing of their cultures. An employee who can improve himself within the company and receive training comfortably should be able to share the name of his company in a prestigious way on social media or work-related platforms.

By making this training and development process, which enters the lives of employees with the corporate learning culture, easier to share and visible, digital certificates facilitate the ownership of the company’s own culture and for the employee, and in addition, it can announce its own name and brand to people through its employees. At the end of the day, employees who think that their company values ​​them tend to be more effective and productive for their company. Certificates and badges are important for the employee’s commitment to the company, as well as for the employee to deepen in his own role. When the employee shares the certificate or badge he has earned on his LinkedIn profile and presents it to his connections, people tend to associate this success of the employee with the opportunity his company offers him. Such situations are especially important for candidates applying for a future job search of the company. The applicant can have positive thoughts about the company through these opportunities and can safely apply in line with the company’s learning culture. At the same time, the preparation process after being hired is directly related to the corporate learning culture.

The learning culture of the company should change with the changing and developing agenda and technology and should be able to adapt to the trends. While integrating all these changes, it should not be forgotten that the values, vision, and mission of the company should be planned in good harmony with the changes. Finally, companies should be able to adapt to the changing technology and harmonize their training processes with smart certification processes such as Digital Certificates and Digital Badges and revise their corporate learning cultures with newly developing processes. A company that can achieve success in this regard will have a much better brand perception by better reflecting the importance it attaches to its employees and its own brand and the vision and mission it adheres to.

Barış Bingöl

Barış Bingöl is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sertifier Inc. and works each day to build bridges between their products & services and the individuals & institutions that benefit from them.

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