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November Updates

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Welcome back to Sertifier Monthly Updates! As always, we will share the latest product updates with you so that you won’t miss anything. We are here with November updates.😀

This month was full of wonderful and exciting news, but one thing made us the happiest! You sent 26% more credentials than last month and broke the all-time record with 312K+ credentials!

November in Metrics:

We’re so glad you’re making the most of your digital credentials! Here are some recent updates we’d like to share so you experience our great new features.

Product Updates:

  • QR Card

You can now download and share your badges and certificates as a downloadable QR card. Everyone can view the most recent form of your digital credential when the QR code on the card is scanned 👀

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We proudly started our 1st LinkedIn Newsletter, “Skill Up“! Our first topic was #upskilling.

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  • Get Started! 

If you’re new here, check out our article collection, Get Started that will get you on board at jet speed! 

  • Sertifier was the digital credentialing sponsor of Agile Tour 2022.

If you want to see, here is October updates of Sertifier.

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