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Monthly Updates | November

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Welcome back to the dynamic realm of monthly updates where Sertifier’s innovation takes center stage! 🚀 This month, we’re thrilled to introduce a host of game-changing features and improvements designed to elevate your credentialing experience.

Dive into the latest enhancements, revel in exciting launches, and stay tuned for a month of discovery and empowerment. We’re grateful to have you on this journey with us.

Let’s explore the future of credentialing together!

A Passport to Professional Empowerment: Introducing Verified Wallet by Sertifier! 🚀

Embark on a new era of career empowerment with the launch of our groundbreaking product: Verified Wallet. This digital credential wallet redefines how recipients store, manage, and leverage their professional achievements. Now, recipients can seamlessly handle certificates, diplomas, badges, and various verifiable digital records issued by educational institutions, employers, and more.

How Verified Wallet Works:  Verified Wallet facilitates secure and private management of credentials from any issuer and their sharing with organizations. This innovative platform ensures standardized communication, blockchain-based governance, and robust compliance mechanisms, revolutionizing the exchange and validation of career credentials.

Why Use a Career Wallet: A career wallet simplifies maintaining an updated professional profile, offering a secure and private solution. It empowers recipients to gather evidence of their employment history, educational achievements, skills, and qualifications.

Join the Verified Wallet Community Today: Experience the future of career empowerment. Contact us to learn more!

We are Proud to Announce!

We’re thrilled to announce that Sertifier and our Founder, Arda Helvacılar have emerged victorious in the 2023 GESAwards Semifinals USA – East Coast & Canada! 🥳 This incredible achievement reflects our commitment to innovation, excellence, and the incredible support from our amazing community! 

🌐 Follow us and explore why Sertifier is leading the way in transforming the landscape of education technologies and digital credentialing! See you all in the 2023 Global Edtech Startup Awards Finals Competition! 

In case you need them: New Tutorial Videos!

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You can add and customize banners displayed on your credential pages with the Ads Tool!


Collections represent a batch of certificates or badges that are related with each other and that earned with a sequence.

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Stay tuned for more updates, tutorials, and events designed to elevate your credentialing journey.

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