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How Can You Improve Your Learning Skills?

In this period when concepts such as lifelong learning are discussed, we see that there is something we need to learn at every moment of our lives. It is possible to make the learning process that accompanies us until the last moment more efficient. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your learning skills.

1-Change your workplace and time
Vast majority of people always work in the same place and at the same desk. Studies show that changing the working place is a factor that increases the motivation to work for many people. You can try working at home, in the library, or in a cafe. Likewise, trying to work at different times of the day can increase your productivity. Trying different methods will prevent you from getting bored, increase your focus and improve learning skills.

2-Get a good sleep
A sleepy state is the worst enemy of work. It has been seen that getting good sleep also improves creative thinking. So don’t sacrifice a good sleep. When planning your day, do not forget to set aside enough time for sleeping to recharge the battery.

3- Test yourself
Most of the time, we think that we learn something after reading it. But it is very easy to forget the things especially when we receive tons of information every day. Self-testing is a powerful learning technique. You can try explaining what you’ve learned to yourself. In this way, you will be able to easily see where you are lacking. You can even ask a friend to give you a quiz on a related topic.

4- Take notes while learning
Reading your own notes will help refresh your entire memory. While learning a subject, taking notes using your own sentences helps you think while you are learning. In the training you attend, you should not be passive, listen actively and take notes. This will both make your brain work better and enable you to catch the key points.

5- Make a study plan
After creating a plan, seeing it come true is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Before your studies, make a plan that is not very detailed. This plan will prevent you from losing time and motivation. It will also increase your ability to manage your time. Avoid giving precise time intervals while creating the plan. The plan you create must be flexible. By keeping the plans you have created, you can also see which methods are working for you and which are not.

6-Take a break
The brain is just like any other muscle in our body. Sometimes it needs a break. When we are tired, the odds of having focusing problems increase. You can take regular breaks to increase your productivity. Remember, the longest study is not always the most efficient one.

7- Give new technologies a chance
New technologies have brought many conveniences to our lives. It is also possible to talk about many innovations on the education side. By using our computers and phones, we can increase efficiency in our learning journey and access the best resources. Many of these methods offer more user-oriented and customizable experiences than traditional methods. With these new tools, you can improve your learning skills. You can easily prove your skills by obtaining digital certificates as well.

Arda Helvacılar

Greetings, this is Arda. I am the founder of Sertifier and a devoted edtech enthusiast. I love reading history, playing airsoft and nowadays bodybuilding. I always believe in a world in which if we have standardized literacy and full transparency, with the accumulative nature of information, as humankind we are capable of achieving everything with peace.

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