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How Can I Be Successful With e-learning?


Now, the time for the obvious question. Now, the time for the obvious question. We tried to answer the question of how trainers can achieve success in e-learning in the previous article. It is unlikely that an end to that article will be found. Just like this article has no end. I will try to give you the top priority among these endless examples. The question is clear: how can I be successful with e-learning?

I am not talking about the formal education you received in your schools, please do not misunderstand. The world where you create your own curriculum is important to me. We will consider the issue that you will be trained to do something, achieve something and get a job. What resource you will use, what discipline you will proceed with, let’s proceed with the most important topics. So let’s start.

This Is Not a School

There is a situation we are used to in schools. It has a curriculum. The times of k12 were very clear. Education starts when the teacher enters the class and stops when he leaves. Things to learn have been evident for decades. You have never worried about “What will I learn in this lesson?“. You graduated and started your higher education without knowing what you learned. On the university side, maybe there is no obligation to go to school, and you also know more clearly what you learned. But let’s be honest with ourselves, there is a fact that statistics say. The university does not prepare you for real life. 

You are learning incompatible skills with your future profession. In this case, your skills don’t match with the job. When the skill doesn’t fit, you can’t find a job. When you cannot find a job, you starve. 

You swear at the system but remember that the system opens the way for those who dance in harmony with it.” 

You will not fight it, but you will know that it is repeated in history. In this case, you can see the future and determine your strategy. All the educational adventure I mentioned above is left behind, it’s time to learn. You will determine what you will learn for your career or interest; however, it is up to you to set a curriculum. Think loudly about what you want to learn. Take the two words that summarize this learning and write them to Google. That’s it, the rest is to be selective for your curriculum journey

From Which e-learning Source Will I Learn?

You are absolutely right. There is no single source of this learning. Just as your primary school teacher has affected your life, the place of the teacher is very different in every e-learning. Especially when it comes to e-learning, a different sensitivity comes into play. Honestly, you will struggle a bit in finding the right content. You will need to open at least 20 tabs after writing to Google. You have to examine the content of the lessons and look at the number of views. There is something important at this stage: your level in what you want to learn. In e-learning content, generally, the level is 101, that is, the beginner level. If you’re above the beginner level, you need to search a little more. Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera are the places we know. However, let’s not forget that there is a Masterclass where the masters of the subjects are teachers. Also, let’s not forget the Youtube channels of those who have experience in such subjects.

Does e-learning Mean Watching Videos?

It has nothing to do with it. Believe me, it has nothing to do with it. What is the education we criticized before? The curriculum is predetermined. The teacher enters the class. He tells what he memorizes and leaves the class. There is a problem here. What is the alternative and much better? Is the better version, recorded version of the same teacher while teaching? It has nothing to do with it. Learning is not just a video. How can I learn with e-learning?

When? Always.

Where? Everywhere.

We will continue to learn with our smartphones in public transport.

While resting at home, we will continue to learn from the computer.

We will continue to learn from the book while sitting in the cafe. 

We will read, listen, watch, and practice. Buying 4 hours of e-learning content is not enough to learn when we want to gain skills. Watching a 4-hour lesson does not benefit anyone. After all, this content is not a Netflix series. We will continue to read from different sourcesthese are tools such as Medium, Washington Post, Forbes, etc. An expert on the subject has definitely added podcasts to Spotify. While walking on the road, lying at home, we will continue to listen to practice in the background.

At the end of the day, the picture is very clear. E-learning showed us one thing: You are the limit of the curriculum and learning.

There is no need to spend years to become an expert on a subject anymore. With the lack of experience, you can consume all the information that has existed on that subject in a short time. While learning, memory is sharpened and improved. With this sharp memory, the information consumed becomes hardly forgotten. 

I’m sure that you have that intellectual friend who still remembers what he learned in ancient times. I gave the secret of being one of them above. Learn constantly about the topic you want to learn. Read, listen and watch constantly. After a while, your speed of doing these will increase and your productivity will increase. E-learning gives us this opportunity. How do you succeed? Think about what you want to learn and start consuming unlimited resources when you make the decision.

You are responsible for everything you think is not good in your life. If you work enough, if you are patient enough, everything will succeed eventually.

You shouldn’t stay away from learning for a moment during this run. Actually, that’s the best part: e-learning is designed for 7/24 runs.

Keep up with the pace!

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Arda Helvacılar

Greetings, this is Arda. I am the founder of Sertifier and a devoted edtech enthusiast.

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