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Why Digital Certificates and Badges Should be Used In Organizations?

Digital certificates and badges have quickly become a part of our lives. Smart documents, which are the current reflection of the very old certification process, are now solving many problems. But, can these smart documents be used by organizations?

The concept of lifelong learning has gained a very important place in our lives. Every day, we see various inventions and developments in every field. The education we receive in high school and the university is not sufficient for us anymore. Individuals need to continue to educate themselves and acquire new skills. This need arises for everyone, as well as for organizations. Organizations may have to provide different educations to their members or employees. In these cases, supporting these educations with digital certificates provides many advantages to both organizations and digital certificate holders.

Smart Documents For Organizations

The use of certified digital certificates or badges in events organized by organizations makes the event more charming. Maybe an event that will last for hours can be daunting. However, a smart document given at the end of the event can make the candidates look forward to the education. Because these smart documents are the documents that candidates can use throughout their business life and that will add strength to their CVs. At the same time, unlike their physical counterparts, these documents are not lost or worn out. Thanks to these documents, candidates can easily share their skills with anyone they want.

Also, digital certificates and open badges are much more reliable compared to their physical equivalents. Because these documents use the latest technologies such as Blockchain and Cloud. In this way, no manipulation can be made on smart documents. This feature of smart documents is not a life-saver only for document owners. Institutions also benefit greatly from this feature. Institutions save time and resources because they won’t need to verify the document. Organizing such educations increases the attractiveness of the institution in the eyes of members and employees. The institution that provides the education can also turn into a self-development center in the eyes of people.

Digital certificates and badges also contribute to the methodical nature of education. Employees are provided with the same quality of training. At the same time, thanks to the series of certificates, continuity of education can be ensured and it can be easier to detect the training levels of employees. Employees who have these certificates can use the certificates they have obtained for the rest of their lives without the need for any action on their part.

The reasons we have mentioned make certified digital certificates and badges stand out for both individuals and institutions. It is very important to strengthen our identity with smart certificates and badges in this period when digital identity building is gaining importance. Organizations that do not want to be late in catching this trend should integrate digital certificates and badges into their systems as soon as possible.

Barış Bingöl

Barış Bingöl is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sertifier Inc. and works each day to build bridges between their products & services and the individuals & institutions that benefit from them.

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