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What Does It Mean to Share Certificates and Badges on Social Media?

Sharing Certificates and Badges in Social Media

From past to present, people have acquired social circles to prove their competence and successor to be accepted in the business world, joined groups, and prove skills worth paying for money, badges, decorations, documents, titles, etc. It has needed many things. All of these have started to be digitalized today and the necessity of people to come together physically to prove them has disappeared. The digitalized versions of these proofs took their place in our lives as certificate sharing and badge sharing. So what are digital badges and certificates, what are they for?

What Is a Digital Badge?

They are the components that reveal the competencies and knowledge levels of learners. It is used to reflect learners’ skills or knowledge and is increasingly used in teaching settings. It has started to take its place among documents such as diplomas and certificates. It is an online proof method.

What Is a Certificate?

It is a proof of competence that is kept far ahead of the education status by the human resources department in job applications or job offers of companies. In other words, it is the proof of the skills you have gained yourself from past to present. It is both an online and offline proof method. With this method, people have the chance to prove their competence physical.

Today, the concept of “continuous learn” has emerged for people to learn continuously and keep up with the era in a process where technology is rapidly advancing. In addition to doing your job well, what you contribute to your work, what you contribute to yourself, and what you contribute to the people you work with have also been questioned. Only companies, managers, and employees who are constantly reading, constantly learning, adapting to the times, and also producing innovations or adapting immediately have survived. In short, as the population and the quality of education increased, as technology developed, the number of competencies expected from people increased considerably.

The aforementioned competency proof methods and expected competencies have encouraged people to use many social platforms for certificate sharing and badge sharing to prove their competence in a job search or hiring process. At this point, Linkedin, which is described as the Facebook of the business world, made a great contribution to the digitalization of such proofs. Badges, insignia-like signs, or indicators have historically been used extensively by people, such as “difference, similarity, knowledge, degree of expertise, talent, etc” it was the most widely used form of methods aimed at describing properties such as. Naturally, in the digital age, they started to be used for the same purposes by sharing certificates and badges. Of course, the first to apply online games, social platforms such as FourSquare, Facebook. Social networks motivated and rated people for certificate sharing and badge sharing with various digital ranks and classifications to increase participation, encourage, compete and entertain with the “Badge” applications made on these channels.

In this way, digital badges and digitalized certificates have taken their place in our lives with the feature of sharing certificates and badge sharing features like services and solutions offered by authorized institutions to prove competencies or to prove themselves in terms of game or success. It seems that in the future, we will encounter certificate sharing and badge sharing not only in the business world but also in all areas of our lives.

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