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Top 12 Digital Certificate Providers

Undoubtedly, credentials matter to move forward and establish a career for oneself. With artificial intelligence growing fast and rising competition, professionals need different ways to stand out among others. In doing so, professionals should devote themselves to polishing skills and developing expertise in their respective fields. But how do we validate that one has acquired expertise in a particular skill set or is competitive enough? Here, you would need digital certificate providers and institutions providing courses with certifications.

Microcredentials help in validating your skills and knowledge. How do you earn them? Enrolling in courses that provide certifications is one way. Another is enhancing your career via stackable credentials. They are short-term courses provided by universities, helping you earn your certifications and make you eligible to pursue higher education. 

#1 Sertifier: Top Digital Credentialing Platform

Sertifier a digital certificate provider brand image

When we speak of top digital certificate providers, Sertifier has to be at the top of the list. It is a platform that has gained a reputation for its quality online badges and quick services. One of the top-tier digital credentialing software platforms, Sertifier empowers businesses to seamlessly build, handle, and circulate certifications and online badges.

But this is not all! Sertifier provides a variety of options tailored to your needs. It includes consulting services for credential programs, account management, branding on the premium scale, and also can do white-labeling. 

With advanced integrations of learning management systems (LMSs) and tools such as Zoom, Tutor LMS, Moodle, Thinkific, Coursera, and more, Sertifier can do much more than you can ask for.

You can also get detailed analytics reports with Sertifier, giving you insight into what your company has been doing and what more programs you can incorporate for the betterment of your employees and students, etc. With its digital credential wallet names Verified, Sertifier allows users to seamlessly supervise, verify, and save digital credentials bearing unique IDs and QR codes.

Sertifier Pricing

Sertifier’s pricing info is available to the public. Their essentials plan is priced at $75/month where you can send to 1000 unique recipients per month. Their next plan, pro, is priced at $167/month, where you’re able to send to 5000 unique recipients per month. If you’re looking for a more customized solution, you can reach out to our sales team, request a demo, and receive a more customized enterprise price. 

#2 Credly

Credly a digital certificate provider brand image

A Pearson company product, Credly is one of the leading digital credential providers. It claims to make talent more visible and opportunity more accessible. 

As the makers made Credly mobile-first, it works just as well on Android or Apple IOS mobile devices as on a desktop. Supported by current web browsers, Credly is easy to use and creates digital badges. It offers services for professionals, employers, and institutions. 

Credly Pricing

As far as pricing is concerned, it’s subjective. They provide quotes to every client, so they doný have a fixed pricing, one of the drawbacks if we call.

#3 Badgr

Badgr a digital certificate provider brand image

Badgr, now called Canvas Badges, is at the top of the list of digital certificate providers. One of the amazing features of Canvas Badges is that it gives a lot of room for experimentation while creating badges. Every company wants to have a unique badge that associates with them well. An online badge holds the same importance to a company as its logo. Badger offers many different shapes, which one can use to create a unique-looking online badge. Apart from that, making a student’s progression towards set milestones visible also permits the merging of “micro” achievements into a larger “macro” credential. How cool is that?

Badgr Pricing

Badgr is free to get started. For a more customized plan, you should directly contact their sales team to learn about pricing for advanced features.

#4 Certifier

Certifier a digital certificate provider brand image

Certifier, a leading brand of certificate providers using AI technology, lets you create professionally-looking certificates, badges & credentials. You do not need advanced knowledge to understand this tool, one of the positive features of using Certifier. 

Certifier Pricing

Did you know Certifier is free? Yes, its standard plan is free, but for more professional use and premium features, its price ranges from $67 a month to 

$339 a month.

#5 Certifyme

CertifyMe a digital certificate provider brand image

One of the legit and reliable digital certificate providers that makes creating online badges and certificates affordable and easy to use. The pricing is fair, and the options are many. You get exposure to several designs and templates for badges and certificates. For businesses especially, Certifyme is a good choice, as they focus on corporate enterprises more, offering features and designs of that sort.

Credifyme Pricing

They do not have a start-up price and have one signature and enterprise package, which you can request a quote. 

#6 Accredible is Tough to Beat

Accredible a digital certificate provider brand image

For those looking to streamline online certificates and badges in terms of creating, issuing, managing, and making them verifiable, Accredible is the one to go for.

Over 2,200 universities, including associations and companies on technology, rely on Accredible for certifications and badges. It helps to evolve programs as per your choice and ships certificates in less time if need be. Allows automatic name changes, layout changes, and last-minute variations if required. The process is pretty quick and best for employers. 

Accredible Pricing

The launch price of Accredible is $996 a year, but custom plans are priced differently. You can get a quote to learn more about their pricing.

#7 Virtualbadge

Virtualbadge a digital certificate provider brand image

Virtualbadge is definitely on top of the list when it comes to digital certificate providers. It has a very interactive dashboard that allows you to send emails, add details to certificates, connect with social media, and even manage participants.

Not only that, this tool allows insights into your data. You can now understand the different behaviors of your employees with this tool. This helps people professions to create responsive programs to boost employee engagement. 

VirtualBadge Pricing

It offers four plans: Starter starting at $12 per month, Pro at $49 per month, Expert at $75 per month, and Scale is custom, price changes as per your requirements.

#8 TruScholar

Truscholar a digital certificate provider brand image

TruScholar has claimed to empower institutions with protected infrastructure to establish tamper-proof micro-credentials, certificates, and online badges. It is sharable, verifiable, and 100 percent secure, their website says. For those looking to build blockchain-powered certificates, TruScholar is one of the top-notch digital certificate providers in the market. 

TruScholar Pricing

Its pricing is quite affordable, in fact, cheaper than many. It offers three plans: Standard is free and offers a variety of features; Plus plan, which is a customizable package, so pricing is different according to client; and Pro Plan, which also offers custom pricing.

#9 Badgelist

Badgelist a digital certificate provider brand image

It promotes organizational culture and has one badge at a time approach. With Badgelist, you can shape your organization into a connected, benevolent community via online badges. 

It offers programs with certifications, so employers find it easy to implement and award credentials to celebrate employee achievements and recognize shared values. It offers both ready-made badges or certifications as well as customizable ones. You can either directly choose one from their archives or create your online badge using the tools they provide. 

BadgeList Pricing

They offer a free plan, a team one, and an organizational plan. The price ranges from $180 to $450 a month.

#10 a digital certificate provider brand image offers a wide range of options, which makes it best especially for institutions spreading education. With this tool, you get an option for unlimited badges or recipients. It also allows you to issue a badge for free with its free account. All you have to do is email and award the badge to the candidate; no money is needed!

It also allows you to use badges in bulk as you can download those badges in a CSV format. Not only this, you can also get real-time reporting, giving you live information on badges you have created. You can also create multiple user accounts and access permissions. The best part is that it also provides multilingual support. You can also create badges in more than one language. How cool is that? Pricing

It has four plans: Starter plan, which is free; Small, which is $55 per month; Medium, which is $110 per month; and Large, which is 210 per month.


VerifyEd a digital certificate provider brand image offers tamper-proof blockchain credentials for added security, allows one to store their credentials in one place, and allows experts to create wonderful certifications and badges. Pricing

One of the best features of the credential platform is that it is very affordable. You can either choose for package or pay as you go, a feature they are introducing soon. For 50 credentials, the average price per credential stands at 1.50 pounds, rounding up to 75 pounds a year, excluding taxes.


Cancred a digital certificate provider brand image

Last on our list of 12 top digital certificate providers is CanCred, a popular certificate provider in Canada.

The CanCred Factory offers a secure cloud service for any organization. You can issue trusted micro-credentials and informal digital badges. with Can Cred Factory. 

The CanCred Passport they offer is a free wallet or portfolio to you for open badges, which you may have received from other platforms. You can share or store them as you like. To help you create a digital profile, they offer you a choice to share your credentials on your social media platform, such as LinkedIn. Pricing

They have 4 different plans. You can start using their services for 60 days, and after that, you can send 5000 certificates per year for free with their free package. If you would like to send more, you need to sign up for one of their 3 paid plans. Basic costs for CAD 350/year, premium costs for CAD 1150/year, and pro costs are CAD 2100/year.


In conclusion, the landscape of digital certificate providers offers a plethora of options for professionals seeking to validate their skills and expertise. 

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive platform like Sertifier, which offers a range of features including consulting services and detailed analytics reports, or a user-friendly solution like Credly, the choices are abundant. Some providers, such as Certifier and Credifyme, offer free options along with premium plans for more advanced features. Others, like Accredible and Virtualbadge, prioritize streamlining the certification process for employers and institutions, offering customizable solutions and insights into user data. Additionally, blockchain-powered platforms like TruScholar and provide enhanced security and tamper-proof credentials. 

With options catering to various needs and budgets, professionals can select the digital certificate provider that best aligns with their requirements and goals, ultimately enhancing their credibility and visibility in today’s competitive job market.

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