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Sertifier + Mini-Course Generator Integration

Integrating Sertifier with Mini Course Generator enables educators and trainers to automate the issuance of digital badges and certificates upon course completion. This seamless integration ensures that participants receive professional and verifiable credentials, enhancing their learning experience and recognizing their achievements. Here’s a comprehensive guide to integrating Sertifier with Mini Course Generator and optimizing your credentialing process.

What is Sertifier?

Sertifier is a robust digital credentialing platform that allows users to create, issue, and manage digital certificates and badges. With its user-friendly interface, Sertifier enables the design of custom certificates, the addition of detailed credential information, and the automation of the credentialing process. Sertifier ensures that the credentials are professional, secure, and easily shareable on social media platforms, thereby enhancing the visibility and credibility of the achievements.

What is Mini-Course Generator?

Mini Course Generator is an intuitive platform designed for creating and delivering mini courses. It allows educators and trainers to develop engaging and effective training programs quickly. The platform supports various learning activities and assessments, making it an ideal tool for delivering targeted education and training. By integrating with Sertifier, Mini Course Generator can automate the issuance of digital credentials, adding value to the courses offered.

Why Integrate Sertifier with Mini Course Generator?

Integrating Sertifier with Mini Course Generator provides several benefits for educators and participants. The primary advantage is the automation of issuing digital credentials, which saves time and effort for instructors. Additionally, the integration ensures that participants receive their certificates promptly, enhancing their motivation and engagement. This integration also adds value to the training programs offered, as participants are more likely to enroll in courses that provide recognized and verifiable credentials.

Step-by-Step Integration Process

To start the integration process, go to the Settings > API & Integrations tab from the left menu in the Sertifier app. Here, you can access your publishable API key, which is required to connect your Mini Course Generator account to Sertifier. Once you copy this key, navigate to minicoursegenerator.com, log in to your account, create a new collection, and add Sertifier from the Completion menu.

Mini Course Generator Integration

A new card will open up, allowing you to enter your API key by clicking the Sertifier Settings button. This step links your Mini Course Generator account with Sertifier, enabling the seamless issuance of digital credentials.

Mini Course Generator Integration 2
Mini Course Generator Integration 3

Creating and Configuring Credentials

After connecting the accounts, you can select the credential you would like to add to the integration. To create a new integration, go to the Advanced > Integrations tab from the left menu in the Sertifier app and click the “Create New Integration” button. Choose Mini Course Generator from the list and proceed.

Create Mini Course Generator Integration

In this section, you can create the details of the digital credential you wish to add to Mini Course. This involves selecting the details, designing the credential, and customizing your email template. The Credential Details page in Sertifier is where you input all the essential information for your digital credentials, ensuring they are comprehensive and informative.

To design your credential, click the “Select Certificate/Badge Design” button to choose your preferred design. If you do not have a design yet, click on “Create New Design” to access the Credential Designer, which allows you to create professional and visually appealing certificates. The Email Template tab is where you can customize the email that will be sent to your certificate recipients, tailoring the content to match your branding and communication style.

Finalizing the Setup

Create Details Mini Course Generator Integration

Once all components are selected and saved, the status of your integrated credential will change to “Active,” indicating that the credential is now fully prepared for integration. To connect this credential to your Mini Course, simply navigate to the desired course in Mini-Course Generator and click on the Sertifier option within the Completion menu.


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Sertifier with Mini Course Generator, automating your certificate issuance process. This seamless integration ensures that educators and trainers can efficiently provide their participants with valuable recognition for their accomplishments. By following the steps outlined, you can enhance your course offerings and provide a streamlined credentialing process that benefits both instructors and participants.

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