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Social Skills in Future Jobs

World has entered a new economic era with the emergence of technological improvements. Ever since the Fourth Industrial Revolution has become a thing and information technologies has been a part of life, the notion of industry and factorial work as the best economic activity has been degraded and replaced by value-added sectors such as 3D printing, nanotechnology, genetics engineering, machine learning etc. This situation has brought deep-seated changes with itself. Daily life has been changing and therefore the skills and abilities that one needs to possess in order to get a job have done so as well. Even though the main points of the arguments for the impact of this change revolves understandably around, information and communication technologies, goal-oriented thinking and mathematical reasoning; social skills are the key factor in making a difference. This article tries to focus on these social skills and be a guide for someone who is willing to prepare herself for the business world.

Team coordination, learning from peers and teaching to peers are the first group of social skills to talk about. These skills are often referred to as “teamwork” in a general sense but as the projects and teams grow bigger, and as better expertise is needed; they become even more important. Leaders who can truly analyze the needs and capabilities of people and position them accordingly, can create environments in which the teams reach their full potential. This also allows for team members to support each other and complete each others’ weak spots for the most efficient outcome.

At that point, Emotional Quotient (EQ) becomes a critical factor. Analyzing the current status of people has been mentioned in leadership qualities, but also empathy, decreasing stress and inefficient work, keeping communication channels open all the time are other pillars of this concept. Industrialization’s underestimation of human emotion has been steadily decreasing and the need for people with high EQ is inversely increasing. As its simplest explanation, this trait of emotionally adapting to rapid changing circumstances and increasing compatibility is a must for future jobs. 

Lastly, we will talk about persuasion and negotiation skills. With supply being as high as it gets, creating the demand for your own products is only possible through right human interaction. Considering the fact backed by scientific research and general knowledge of famous “business dinners” we tend to do business with people whom we get along well and trust. The ability to persuade both customers and good employers is therefore a huge step forward. 

It is obvious that the aforementioned traits are not the only ones. Despite that this article serves as an introductory tool for people who would like to learn about the main aspects and improve themselves in line with the trends.

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