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Sertifier + Canvas Integration

Integrating Sertifier with Canvas revolutionizes how educators issue digital credentials, making the process automatic and effortless. With this seamless “canvas integration”, instructors can ensure their students receive recognized and valuable credentials as soon as they complete their courses. Here’s a comprehensive guide to integrating Sertifier with Canvas and streamlining your credentialing process.

What is Sertifier?

Sertifier is the most comprehensive digital credentialing platform that enables educators, businesses, and organizations to create, issue, and manage digital certificates and badges. It provides a robust and user-friendly interface for designing custom certificates, adding detailed credential information, and automating the credentialing process. Sertifier ensures that the credentials are professional, secure, and easily shareable on social media platforms, enhancing the visibility and credibility of the achievements.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a widely used Learning Management System (LMS) that facilitates online learning and teaching. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for course creation, content delivery, student engagement, and assessment. Canvas is favored by educational institutions and corporate training programs for its flexibility, user-friendly interface, and extensive integration capabilities. By integrating with various third-party applications, Canvas enhances the learning experience and streamlines administrative tasks.

Why Integrate Sertifier with Canvas?

Integrating Sertifier with Canvas brings several advantages to educators and students. The primary benefit is the automation of issuing digital credentials, which saves time and effort for instructors. Additionally, the integration ensures that students receive their certificates promptly and can showcase their achievements professionally. This integration also adds value to the courses offered, as students are more likely to enroll in programs that provide recognized and verifiable credentials.

Step-by-Step Integration Process

To start the integration, access your course settings in Canvas and locate the Sertifier app. Click on “Apps,” search for “Sertifier,” and then click “Add App.” A dialog box will appear, prompting you to enter your API key, which can be found in the Sertifier app under Settings > API & Integrations. It is crucial to save your Canvas URL in the Sertifier app to complete the integration process.

Once Sertifier is integrated with Canvas, you can add it as a module to your courses. Create a new module in your chosen course, select “External Tool” in the popup, and choose Sertifier from the list. Click “Add Item” to finalize the module creation. This setup allows you to streamline the credentialing process within your course structure.

Configuring the Credential

Sertifier Credential Designs

To configure the credential, click on the Sertifier module in Canvas, which will redirect you to the Sertifier platform. On the Sertifier homepage, navigate to the Design tab, where you can create and customize your certificates. This feature allows you to design professional and visually appealing certificates that reflect your brand and the course content.

Sertifier Credential Details

Next, move to the Details page to specify the information for your digital credentials. Here, you can fill in the necessary details for each certificate, ensuring that all pertinent information is included. Afterward, customize your email template in the Email Template tab, tailoring the content to match your branding and communication style.

Finalizing the Setup

Serifier Credential Preview

After creating the certificate design, details, and email template, select these components on the credential page you were redirected to from Canvas. Once all components are selected and saved, the status of your integrated credential will switch to “Active.” This indicates that the setup is complete, and automation is in place. Students will receive their digital credentials as soon as they complete the course, enhancing their learning experience and providing them with valuable, verifiable recognition of their achievements.


With the Sertifier and Canvas integration, issuing digital credentials has never been easier. This seamless “canvas integration” ensures that educators can efficiently provide their students with valuable recognition for their accomplishments. By following the steps outlined, you can enhance your course offerings and provide a streamlined credentialing process that benefits both instructors and students. Congratulations on automating your certificate issuing process!

For a complete guide on creating and sending digital credentials, click here.

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