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Monthly Updates | January

Hello there,

With the first month of 2024 behind us, we’re thrilled to share the latest strides we’ve made to empower your credentialing experience. From new features to seamless integrations, January marked the beginning of an exciting journey toward enhanced professionalism.

Let’s delve into the updates and innovations that await you on Sertifier! 🚀 

New Feature: Issuer Profile ⛪

Unlock the full potential of your organization with our new Issuer Profile feature. This powerful tool allows you to create a tailored profile that showcases your organization’s credentials, collections, and recipient directory in one centralized location. By utilizing the Issuer Profile, you can elevate your organization’s visibility and credibility within the digital credentialing community. Whether you’re highlighting your credentials, displaying your collections, or recognizing the achievements of your recipients, the Issuer Profile empowers you to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience

  • Profile Customization: Personalize your organization’s information, profile image, website, and social links to reflect your brand identity.
  • Credential Directory: Highlight the credentials that matter most to your organization, making your achievements known to third parties globally.
  • Collection Directory: Proudly display your collections, offering a comprehensive snapshot of your organizational accomplishments.
  • Recipient Directory: Spotlight the accomplishments of individuals who have thrived within your organization’s ecosystem.
Sertifier – Issuer Profile

Exciting Updates to Premium-Branded Wallets!

We’re thrilled to introduce significant enhancements to our premium-branded credential wallets. Now, recipients can enjoy a more dynamic interface with personalized profiles and a range of new features.

Enhanced Wallet Profiles: Each recipient now has a personal profile feature, enabling them to customize their experience and manage their information more effectively.

Shortcut to Credential Directory: Access vital information effortlessly with a new shortcut, simplifying navigation and enhancing the user experience.

Password-Free Signup with OTP: Enjoy a seamless and secure registration process with a one-time password sent to your email, eliminating the need for passwords.

Seamless Wallet Switching: For those managing multiple wallets, switching between them is now effortless, making navigation between different credential directories just a few clicks away.

Social Media Credential Sharing: Share credentials on preferred social media platforms, enhancing both convenience and connectivity.

These upgrades aim to elevate the recipient experience, providing greater customization, efficiency, and enjoyment. We value your feedback as we continue to enhance our services.

New Integration: Degreed x Sertifier

Sertifier x Degreed Integration

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Degreed, designed to simplify your credential issuance process and enhance workflow efficiency.

Seamless Account Connection: Effortlessly link your Degreed account with Sertifier by providing your client ID and client secret key. 

Automated Credential Issuance: Once connected, the integration automatically retrieves recipients upon completing pathways on Degreed, streamlining the credential issuance process.

Credential Campaign Creation: Create and customize credential details, designs, and email templates directly within Sertifier, empowering you to curate credentials that authentically showcase your courses and recipients’ achievements.

This integration simplifies process management, allowing you to focus on value creation while seamlessly issuing credentials to your recipients. Explore the integration today to experience enhanced workflow efficiency and streamlined credential issuance.

New Episodes Are Here: Digital Credentialing Academy 👀

As we wrap up this month’s updates, we’re energized by the transformative enhancements we’ve introduced to Sertifier. These updates reflect our commitment to providing you with cutting-edge tools and experiences that elevate your credentialing journey.

We’re immensely grateful for your continued support and feedback. Your partnership drives our innovation, and we’re excited to continue working together to shape the future of digital credentials.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements in the coming months. Until then, thank you for choosing Sertifier as your trusted credentialing partner.


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