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How to Use Accredible?

How to Use Accredible? Accredible is an application to efficiently design, send, and manage digital credentials: education certificates and badges. It can be used as a web application but also its APIs allow for integration with other tools such as WordPress or other Learning Management Systems (LMSs) such as Canvas.

They also offer insights about the information related to certificates such as Job Market Insights, to let their customers know about the impact of the credentials and accurate analysis tied to skills, and marketing features.

How Does It Work?

Inside the application you can design your certificates or badges as you can see below. Although it is a good tool for creating certificate and badge designs, it seriously lacks the variety in template designs. Although it may seem unimportant at first glance, an eyeful certificate is much more effective in achieving its objectives.

After your design is completed, you are asked to create a group of receivers and then you can bind the group with the credential then complete the issuing. While creating the group, you can assign the skills associated with the education activity that the certificate is representing. This will later on allow Accredible to analyze the data and offer you the related insight and skills reports. Groups will look like this, in your dashboard, once they are created. You can directly add the receivers information as a Excel Spreadsheet file, which makes it easy and fast to use.

After the issuing is completed, you can track your credentials: how many have you issued in a week, month etc. and shares on social media such as Linkedin. You can see that part of the dashboard below.

There’s also an analysis tab on the navigation bar, which allows you to access a little bit more on recipient engagement and about marketing reach. However, this side does not provide that much information on both ends, which is a tad unsatisfying.


Is there an alternative? Sertifier pops up!

Sertifier is one of the strongest alternatives to Accredible. It allows for everything that Accredible provides to its customer but with more on the sack to offer.

Accredible has a designer, as explained earlier. However, lack of different design templates and the limitations in changes to be made are problematic. Sertifier contains lots of beautiful looking certificates, with a superior design tool that allows for more changes such as colorings etc.

Groups and credential systems are maybe understandable for an experienced user in Accredible, but it does not clearly direct the user to the necessary tabs in the menu. Sertifier has a better on-site navigation that creates less user-friction.

Maybe the greatest advantage that Sertifier allows for its customers is that they offer a broader and more detailed report section. Sertifier, with its database consisting of 20000+ skills and unique algorithms, can give a better understanding and mapping of skills provided and how the future should look like in the sense of course planning. It also has a superior marketing analysis that allows for platform-based analysis and more.

Finally, a very important aspect to be mentioned is of course the pricing. Accredible offers very limited free usage, and the cheapest plan you can subscribe to can be a bit expensive for many small to mid-sized companies. Sertifier offers 14-days free Premium use for everyone signing up, and the subscription plans are more sensitive, and offers more on the same prices. There’s a plan for everyone.

Ege Yalçınkaya

Hi there, this is Ege, I’m the GM of Sertifier Inc. where we are on a mission to make education accessible for all. I’m a guitar player in my spare time, and a product developer who loves tinkering with new ideas; learning and investing in crypto for the last 2 years.

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