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How Often Are Digital Credentials Used For Applying Jobs?

In today’s technological and ever-changing world, how technological changes are reflected in the candidates’ CVs in job applications, which trainings they receive, which digital certificates and digital badges they support, are of great importance in terms of their careers and CV evaluations. There is also the importance of how the candidate develops himself, what kind of image he follows both digitally and in the interview during the recruitment process. Since recruiters who usually do CV reviews have limited time, it is very important how you introduce yourself and what image you paint on your CV. Being able to show innovative and digitally supported training processes such as digital certificates and digital badges in these documents, which have become our digital business identity in a certain place, both provides good prestige for the candidate and enables the recruiter to meet the right job with the right candidate by utilizing their time much more effectively.

Since technology is now an inevitable fact of our lives, the factors in our lives are beginning to gain more and more different dimensions by evolving together with technology, such as education. In this respect, it becomes much easier for you to reach any course you want to learn, a skill you want to gain competence in. How you market these competencies and the knowledge you have gained for yourself is of great importance. A training certificate, a digital badge, or a digital certificate that you will put on your CV and that you receive purely for your own development or to be better at your job will put you in a different classification from other applicants and will greatly increase your recognition by the recruiter.

As our lives, progress, unemployment, and job applicants are increasing at a high rate. At this point, apart from the common things you do with other people (university education or an associate degree), even the slightest difference will be incredibly important for you to be noticed. Especially after the Covid-19 process, which entered our lives as of 2020, the questions asked by most of the employees who were recruited in the interviews are about how the candidates developed themselves during this quarantine process, in which subjects they gained competence and to what extent they were able to pass the process effectively.

Based on the aforementioned recruitment processes, digital certificates and digital badges come to your aid if you want to have a concrete experience outside your field and in your own experience, in a new business field. When you apply for a job in a new field, it can create a more interesting digital identity on your CV by showing that your experience may not be based on the position you applied for, but that you are willing to learn about this subject, again through this training, digital certificate and digital badges, so that you can be ahead of other candidates in the recruitment processes. You can plan.

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