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Certificate Text Samples

Sending a certificate is easy with Sertifier but, you may be looking for some sample text to use in your certificates. If you are not sure what to write in a certificate, you can check this post for some templates for every type of event. Certificate Text Samples

Here are some example certificate texts we put together for you to use. Feel free to copy and use them within your certificates.

What Are Certificate Text Samples?

Certificate of Achievement Template:

This certificate is issued in recognition of outstanding performance during 2020 Fall in Customer Success department of Sertifier.


Certificate of Participation Template:

This certifies that John Doe has participated to [Event Name]. Awarded on Oct 20, 2020 in recognition of their active participation to [Event Name] between [Event Date].


Degree Certificate Template:

It is certified that John Doe has fulfilled the requirements of the [Name of Your Institution] to the degree of [Degree Name] on 19th day of the October in the year 2020.


Certificate of Completion Template:

This certifies that John Doe has successfully completed the course provided by [Name of Your Institution] between 21st of September 2020 – 21st of October 2020.


Certificate of Appreciation Template:

This certificate is gratefully presented to John Doe. We value what you have done what will you do in the years to come. Thank you for your contributions to Sertifier Inc.


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