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Areas Where You Can Use Your Smart Certificate

Smart certificates and digital badges increase their presence in our lives with the acceleration of digitalization. These documents not only eliminate the problems created by physical certificates but also provide many conveniences to their owners. For example, a digital certificate does not get old or lost. These certificates, which will accompany you throughout your life, cannot be copied, unlike their physical counterparts. We know that digital certificates also solve many problems in terms of reliability. So where can we use the smart certificates we have acquired?

In the professional world that changes rapidly every day, it may not be enough just to have certain characteristics. At the same time, you should be able to successfully demonstrate these characteristics and competencies. This impression should be persuasive and create a story about you. Just as you strive to create your own identity in your business life, you must also strive to create your own identity in the digital world.

What is the Difference of Smart Certificates Than Others?

We can first share our obtained digital certificates on business-specific social networks such as LinkedIn. In this way, our competencies can be seen clearly. Thanks to the structure of digital certificates, many details about the certificate we have will be shared with social network users. Unlike certificates which contains only the name of the certificate and yours, these certificates contain a lot of information about the education you have received and contribute to building your digital identity.

difference of smart certificate
Difference of smart certificate

Where Can You Use Them?

Earned certificates can also be used easily in university or masters degree applications. A certificate you share to show how much you want to work in a spesific field while applying to the school you want to be accepted will change things for you in a positive way. You can easily send your smart certificates via e-mail during the school application period. Thanks to the Blockchain and Cloud infrastructure used by the certificates, the accuracy of the information in the certificate you share can be easily confirmed. At the same time, these certificates will be kept protected for years.

Likewise, job applications have shifted to the online world. Using your smart certificates, you can easily share the trainings you have seen and the skills you have acquired. You can increase your chances of getting the job you want by adding your digital certificates and badges to your job applications via mail. The effect of the smart documents you send will be much different than their physical counterparts. Because these documents contain a lot of information for you. A lot of information, from the content of the courses you have received to the CVs of the instructors you have studied, becomes accessible through these documents. In this way, you not only send a document, but also help the other party to get to know you.

It is possible to use your digital documents even in your physical job applications. When you take a printout of the digital document you have received with a QR code, even if this document is physically delivered, the person receiving the document will have access to all information about the document with the help of a phone.

You can also use these smart documents to get promoted in your current job. Thanks to the smart documents you receive in the field you want to improve yourself, you can move to a higher position within the company or you can catch an increase in the salary you earn.

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