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Puzzled About What Is A Standard Certificate Size? 

Online badges are becoming popular by the day, and why not? They are handy, far more convenient, and quick to verify, unlike traditional certificates. As more and more institutions and business companies are adopting digital certificates – saving paper and time – often the question of what the standard certificate size comes to the fore. 

We will discuss just about that!

Certificates are a fantastic way to recognize achievements and celebrate accomplishments. As many as one has, as much is the weight of a professional profile. It helps you bag your dream job, show your capabilities, and give a sense of confidence as you join programs offering online badges to enhance your skill set.

But for companies offering programs with online badges, designing an impactful certificate is also crucial. Impact plays a massive role here, and for a powerful one, a nicely made award certificate that you’ll honor your participants with is necessary. It speaks highly of the institution awarding the certificate, establishing trust and credibility. Apps such as Sertifier, Certifyme, Credly, and many more just do this by helping organizations send certificates in bulk.

As Sertifier, we put trust above everything else, treat our customers the right way unlike some of our competitors, and invest time and effort in each of our customers! However, If you would like to find out more about Saas companies that issue and send digital certificates, you can read our alternative blogs;

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How to Decide the Size of Online Certificates?

There are a couple of factors to consider when deciding on a standard certificate size. This decision is critical in creating a framework for the certificate, from design to color combinations to font and everything else. It speaks of the company, the market it belongs to, and the values it follows. For instance, an online certificate from a corporate company would be different than that of a skilled field, such as a certification in carpentry, pottery, mechanics, etc.

Below are some of the basic factors one should consider before deciding on a standard certificate size:


Depending on the occasion, there are different certificate templates that you can choose from. From education-related online badges to employee engagement or upliftment programs with certifications, there are endless templates to choose from.

Type of Information:

Long or short descriptions to go on a certificate also play a critical role in defining template size, style, and syntax. The layout of the certificate depends on how much information will go on it. Usually, corporate or short-term programs require precise, to-the-point, and professional-looking certificates. For more creative fields, the company opts for an elaborate certificate for participants, defining core responsibilities they undertook, tasks they did, or any other achievements they accomplished. 


Deciding whether to have a vertical or horizontal orientation is also necessary, as that gives an idea of how much text space we have and how much we can include. For academic certificates, horizontal orientation is a preferred choice. The reason is that so much information, including comments or any other additional achievement, goes in, and horizontal orientation leaves enough roof to make the body a bit longer than the vertical orientation. The vertical one is also small in size compared to the horizontal certificates.

What is the Standard Certificate Size?

Keeping the facts straight, there is no thumb rule to select the size of a certificate. Thousands of variations are possible in creating certificates of different sizes, with adjustments, and much more feasible as everything is digital. It is one of the perks online certificates offer, with ample room for experimentation. 

But when it comes to paper certificates, the most commonly used frame size is 8.5*11 inches. It is more appealing and is in trend. The certificate size of 11*14 inches or 9.5*12 inches also looks pretty decent.

What is the Standard Certificate Size

The Classic A4 Size

A4 size is the top choice simply because you do not require any adjustments as the format is available in all apps creating online badges. The size is global, too, as it is the most recognized size for most documents. A4 size offers readability, enough room to enter information, and increases readability.

Letter Size

The letter size measures 8.5 x 11 inches, the standard certificate paper size in the United States. The size is compatible with printers, making it a preferred choice for documents, especially certificates.

Longer than the letter size, the legal certificate size measures 8.5 x 14 inches. This size provides enough room for both text and design elements. It is the best choice for certificates requiring detailed information. 

Custom Sizes

Many organizations, as per their needs, can opt for custom sizes for certificates. Such certificates often stand out with their appearance and are company-specific. Custom sizes also allow room for creative designs. You can alter them as per your requirements. 

Custom Sizes
Custom Sizes

There is no hard and fast rule. It all depends on the company, organization, or institute offering training and workshops. There are plenty of options and accordingly, a company can create a certificate template that fulfills the needs.

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