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Credentials are increasingly becoming crucial for career advancement and standing out in a competitive landscape accelerated by artificial intelligence and escalating competition. Professionals are encouraged to enhance their skills and expertise in their fields to remain relevant. But, how do we ascertain someone’s proficiency in specific skills or their competitiveness? This is where badge providers and educational institutions offering certification courses come into play.

Microcredentials are instrumental in substantiating your skills and knowledge. How does one acquire them? Registering for courses that award badges is one method. Alternatively, elevating your career through stackable credentials is another. These are concise courses offered by universities that not only furnish you with badges but also prepare you for further education.

#1 Sertifier

badge providers: sertifier

Premier Badge Issuance Platform Sertifier stands out among badge providers, renowned for its high-quality online badges and swift service delivery. As a leading software platform for digital credentialing, Sertifier enables organizations to effortlessly create, manage, and distribute badges and certifications.

Sertifier extends a range of services customized to meet your needs, including consulting for credential programs, account management, high-end branding, and the option for white-labeling.

Thanks to robust integrations with Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Zoom, Tutor LMS, Moodle, Thinkific, and Coursera, among others, Sertifier offers capabilities beyond the basics.

Additionally, Sertifier offers comprehensive analytics reports, providing insights into your organization’s activities and potential areas for program enhancement. Through its digital credential wallet named Verified, Sertifier allows users to easily manage, verify, and store digital badges equipped with unique IDs and QR codes.

Sertifier Pricing Sertifier’s pricing details are publicly accessible. The essentials plan is available at $75/month, catering to 1000 unique recipients monthly. The pro plan, at $167/month, increases this capacity to 5000 unique recipients. For tailored solutions, contacting the sales team to request a demo and bespoke enterprise pricing is recommended.

#2 Credly

badge providers: credly

Owned by Pearson, Credly ranks highly among badge providers. It aims to make professional visibility easier and opportunities more accessible.

Credly’s design prioritizes mobile users, ensuring a seamless experience on both Android and iOS devices as well as on desktops. Its ease of use and compatibility with contemporary web browsers make it a go-to for creating digital badges for professionals, employers, and educational institutions. Credly Pricing Credly’s pricing is tailored to each client, thus lacking fixed rates, which could be seen as a limitation.

#3 Badgr 

badge providers:badgr

Now known as Canvas Badges, Badgr is a top choice for badge issuance. One of its standout features is the creative freedom it offers in badge design. Every organization aims to have a distinctive badge that resonates with its identity, similar to the importance of a company logo. Badgr provides various shapes for crafting unique badges and allows for the visualization of a learner’s progress toward achieving certain milestones, integrating smaller achievements into a comprehensive credential. Badgr Pricing Starting with Badgr is free. For access to advanced features, contacting their sales team for customized pricing is advised.

#4 Certifier 

badge providers: certifier

Certifier leads the way in AI-driven badge creation, offering tools for generating professional-looking badges, certificates, and credentials without the need for advanced technical skills. Certifier Pricing Remarkably, Certifier offers a free standard plan, with premium features available from $67 to $339 per month for more professional usage.

#5 Certifyme 

badge providers: certifyme

Certifyme is recognized for making the creation of online badges and certificates both affordable and user-friendly, particularly suited to corporate enterprises focusing on business-centric features and designs. Credifyme Pricing Pricing information requires direct inquiry, as they offer signature and enterprise packages without a listed start-up cost.

#6 Accredible

badge providers: accredible

Accredible is Unmatched Accredible is the go-to for streamlining the issuance, management, and verification of online badges and certificates, serving over 2,200 educational institutions, associations, and tech companies. Accredible Pricing Starting at $996 annually, Accredible also offers custom plans, with detailed pricing available upon request.

#7 Virtualbadge 

badge providers: virtual badge

Standing out for its interactive dashboard, Virtualbadge excels in digital badge issuance, offering features like email integration, participant management, and social media connectivity. VirtualBadge Pricing Its pricing includes four tiers: Starter ($12/month), Pro ($49/month), Expert ($75/month), and custom pricing for the Scale plan.

#8 TruScholar 

badge providers: truscholar

For those interested in blockchain-secured badges, TruScholar is a top badge provider, offering secure, shareable, and verifiable credentials. TruScholar Pricing It offers an affordable Standard plan for free, with Plus and Pro plans providing customizable pricing.

#9 Badgelist 

badge providers: badge list

Badgelist fosters a community-oriented organizational culture, offering customizable and pre-designed badges to celebrate achievements and shared values. BadgeList Pricing Pricing ranges from $180 to $450 a month, with free, team, and organizational plans available.


badge providers:

Especially beneficial for educational institutions, supports unlimited badges and recipients, with a free account option for issuing badges. Pricing Offers Starter (free), Small ($55/month), Medium ($110/month), and Large ($210/month) plans.


badge providers: verifyed specializes in blockchain-based secure credentials, simplifying the creation and management of badges and certifications. Pricing Known for affordability, its pricing includes package options and a pay-as-you-go system, with 50 credentials averaging at 1.50 pounds each, totaling 75 pounds annually, excluding taxes.


badge providers:

A prominent Canadian badge provider, CanCred offers secure cloud services for issuing trusted micro-credentials and digital badges. Pricing Offers a 60-day trial and a free annual plan for issuing up to 5000 certificates, with Basic (CAD 350/year), Premium (CAD 1150/year), and Pro (CAD 2100/year) plans for higher volumes.


The realm of badge providers presents a wealth of options for professionals aiming to substantiate their skills and stand out. From comprehensive platforms like Sertifier to more focused solutions like Credly, there’s a provider to meet every need and budget. Whether you prioritize advanced features, ease of use, or security through blockchain technology, the right badge provider can significantly enhance your visibility and credibility in the competitive job market.

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