The Future of Online Education

Covid 19 crisis has led many workplaces to home office model and schools have made a rapid transition to the remote education model. Both models eliminate the necessity of time and space. Thus, people have become able to do their jobs and study their schools wherever they are. This rapid transformation has brought a series of technological developments to our agenda. It is obvious that the remote education system is making progress simultaneously with technological developments. Considering the advantages the the model provides, it will become one of the most important forms of training in the near future. Let’s see the future of online education model.

What Is Online/Remote Education?

Remote education model is actually a system that we are familiar with from online education courses and distance education universities that white-collar workers have attended in their spare times for years. Due to today’s conditions, it has become a system known and applied by the whole world. Plus, you don’t need anything other than a computer and an internet connection to study. Students no longer have the obligation to obey the school hours, such as meal times and breaks. In other words, the student can access education from wherever and whenever they are available. According to experts, this model increases the self awareness and improves the sense of taking responsibility.

The remote education model has come so fast to our lives that the quality of education become very important for many educators. The point to be considered is that the method of transferring the information, not the information given, changes. The future of online education depends on transferring this information with correct methods. One of the success criteria of the system is that the rate of participation in the classes is high as a result of the complete communication. This method, which has been used in developed countries for many years, has been preferred by many people. It has been proven that the distance education model, which is normally seen as an alternative to face-to-face education, can be used instead of formal education today.

Benefits of Online Education

• Student-centered education model.

• Ensures that students with physical disabilities also receive the same quality of education.

• It removes the capacity limit.

• It allows each student to learn at their own learning pace.

• It ensures that students who have to work but cannot continue their education continue their education when they are free.

• Removes the economic barriers.

• Provides fast and easy access to information.

• It enables individuals who couln’t complete their education due to reasons such as marriage, military service, childbearing, to complete their education.

• Easier communication opportunity with the teachers.

• Creates 24/7 access to education by eliminating space and time problems.

• Increases the use of new technologies in education.

Considering the advantages of the distance education model, it is not difficult to predict that the participation rate will increase. Technological developments will make it even more easier to access the system in the coming years.

Barış Bingöl

Barış Bingöl is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sertifier Inc. and works each day to build bridges between their products & services and the individuals & institutions that benefit from them.

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