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How to Create A Good Certificate Template?

How to Create A Good Certificate Template? If you are looking to create a good certificate template and don’t want to use the poor quality downloads from google images, there are some excellent tools that can help you create certificate templates. We have listed a few, you can pick for yourself!

  • Photoshop

As you might have guessed, photoshop is one of the first options that comes to mind. But keep in mind, unless you already have Adobe Creative Cloud, it is not worth buying it just to create certificate templates. There are much better ways that allow you to create certificates templates for free.

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  • Canva – Free

Canva is the most popular web designer, and of course, it has some certificate templates for you to use and customize. Canva’s interface is user-friendly and you have the option to use it for free. Canva also gives you the option to files in pdf format.

  • Adobe Spark – Free

Like Canva, Adobe Spark is also a popular web designer. There is not much difference in terms of using them. They are both simple and reliable and you can export designs as pdf files in both platforms. There are 2 differences you need to consider while choosing in between them:

  • The design templates are different and Canva has better templates for certificates.
  • You can’t remove the Adobe Spark watermark in the free plan.

  • Sertifier Designer – Free / Easiest Option

If you are not designing this certificate template for just one person, this is the best option for you. Sertifier’s free designer has more than 30 professional ready-to-use certificate designs and you don’t need to worry about multiple certificates! You can upload an excel list with a maximum capacity of 50 receivers, and your certificates are ready to export. Now all you need is sending them to receivers…

  • Sertifier – Best Option

How to Create A Good Certificate Template? If you want a flawless process, where you want to design and send verifiable certificates to receivers and store the certificates with blockchain, look no further than Sertifier. You can send certificates to thousands of receivers in one click, and it’s free to try! Just click this link to try Sertifier for 14 days!

These are the 5 options you should consider when you want to design a certificate template. To sum it up, if you want to create one simple design, you can choose Canva or hire a freelancer. However, if you want to create multiple certificate templates, the best option is Sertifier.

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