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How Can Businesses Benefit from White Labeling in Their Credentials?

White-label microcredentials that businesses frequently use are online certificates and badges issued by a proprietary authentication platform under another company’s brand.

Most brands cannot afford to develop a product from scratch. For this reason, customizing a white-label solution is often a wise choice because they can use technologies currently in the market in their industry. The white label business is responsible for all technical problems, support, and maintenance of the solution made according to brand requirements.


  • It increases the visibility of your brand. Every time that customers use white-label products and see their corporate name, they likely associate it with convenience and quality, and their loyalty to the brand will increase.

The third-party developers of the service organizations want to provide to their customers to ensure that a product is professional.

You can directly use the service you want to provide in a polished state with your name attached.

  • Companies can get new services or products faster without wasting time creating solutions for their customers.

At the same time, the solutions they provide are fast and reliable. Thanks to this service, it can create a better relationship with its customers.

In case of a problem with your service, the third-party tool takes responsibility and will work on a fix or update for the service or refund the product cost.

  • The certificate of appreciation and badges you send your customers with label online credentials are full customizations from design to delivery.

Marketing can have a tremendous, positive impact on both revenue and brand awareness. That’s why organisations spend a lot of time, energy, and resources to reach their target audience. Online credentials are an innovative way to build brand awareness.

Identity information emerged as an effective marketing tool in several industries, including corporate education, professional development, and certifications.

A digital authentication program companies use to issue badges based on skills and achievements makes talent mapping fast and actionable.

  • It allows companies to design their identity information pages according to their websites.

Custom credential subfield in the company’s domain. Complete control over email brand, including header, footer, and internal links.

Relationships of institutions with their customers are essential. Personalized certificates and badges provided to customers also allow the customer to further engage with the brand.

To sum it up!

In this digitizing world, one of the biggest goals of institutions is to create brand awareness. Many brands have competitors in the same industry. It is also essential that there are differences that highlight the brand to increase brand awareness. It goes with emails when sending your certificates to your users. These emails contain your brand logos. It will also benefit your brand awareness.

The best way for your business to serve your customers most accurately is to use white labeling on company credentials.

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