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Common Hardships When Acquiring a New Skill

Hardships Are Normal When Acquiring a New Skill

There are some common challenges all of us face when learning new things. Whether it be a new skill, hobby, language, or sport, there are hardships along the way. We will go over these hardships and some techniques you can implement to overcome them and master new skills. Furthermore, new skills can be shown by skill badge.

What Are the Challenges?

Some of the most common challenges we face when learning new skills is the feeling of uncertainty, feeling like we are not making any progress, expecting instant results, and fear of failure. We can never be sure if all this time we spend on learning this new skill is worth it, or if it will be useful to learn this new ability.

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Another common misconception about learning is expecting immediate results and success. Results require hard work and come at the end of a long process, so it will just bother you to think that you will get immediate positive results. You might also feel like you are not making significant progress very fast, but usually things will fall into place and we will notice progress eventually. Lastly, perhaps the most detrimental obstacle that keeps us from learning new things is the fear of failure. Of course everyone will face failure at some point, but we can’t learn from our experiences if we never try in the first place.

Acquiring a new skill

What You Can Do

There are many techniques you can utilize to overcome these challenges and we will list some of them in this article. First, you should start by setting small goals. We must focus on what is immediately in front of us. Where can we focus our attention for the time being? What tiniest goal can we achieve? For the time being, disregard the enormous unknowns, keep the outside world at far, and focus solely on the present moment. This is all you need to know. We can go a long way over time if we take tiny measures each day.

In order to determine whether our information is incorrect, we must put it to the test and see if it works. We can only genuinely learn anything new if we fail a lot. As long as we are able to see examples of how to do things correctly, we still have to attempt and fail a lot to achieve our goal. Our dread of failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy at some time in our lives. The only way to succeed is to experience failure. Even when we lose at chess or fall down while attempting a back flip, there are lessons to be learned from each experience.

Finally, when we’re learning, rather than focusing on the destination, we may appreciate the current process. We might be grateful for our current circumstances and for the possibility to learn at all. We can take pleasure in our fall and whatever progress gained thus far, collect the digital badges and smart certificates we gained so far during our education and keep learning. It is best to look at every experience as a learning experience and believe that it will be useful at some point in our lives.

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