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Best Customer Success Certifications

Digital credentials have been increasing in popularity as both technology and the internet is becoming more and more integrated in our daily lives. Individuals residing miles away from an educational institution like that of a university can now receive their qualifications online and showcase them with the ease of a click. This is beneficial for both parties involved, qualifications for various subjects can now be accessed worldwide and providers of these qualifications no longer need to worry about quotas.

As the world is becoming more globalized so is the education and information that one can have access to. This has led to many individuals within the customer succession field delegating their time in order to perfect their approach towards their profession. To keep up with the developing trends and develop new approaches towards their field, customer succession professionals have a wide array to browse and pick from when it comes to the best customer success certifications.

Certifications to Enhance Your Career in Customer Success

Here is what made our list for best current customer success certifications.

Success Coaching


SuccessCOACHING offers leverages their Certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM) course to certify and teach customer success managers on the strategies that help them engage, manage, and retain their customers effectively. The certification process has 5 levels. These levels consist of the foundation of customer success management to more developed courses like utilizing effective stakeholder mapping for customer success managers.

  • Level 1: This course aids in getting started to the customer success certifications and serves as a base, emphasizes on the fundamental information that all Customer Success Managers need in order to engage, manage, and retain their customers.
  • Level 2: Building upon the foundation, the course expands on the previously learned topics and adds on a few new ones. The course present in Level 2 enhances your capacity to handle a portfolio of accounts and internal connections effectively.
  • Level 3: Starts to explore the in depths of the craft. SuccessCOACHING has developed mainly targets the need to acquire the abilities required to become a strategic customer success manager.
  • Level 4: The penultimate level, the course present in Level 4 focuses on giving you the knowledge and abilities you need to expand your portfolio of client accounts in an efficient and productive manner.
  • Level 5: The last course in the CCSM road to mastery. This curriculum concentrates on developing your talents and skill set to advance your CSM profession and customer success techniques.

Success League CS Certification

Success League’s Customer Success (CS) course has been around the longest. The course has been available since 2017. Success League has been accredited by the Customer Success Association and has been appraised for the course they have compelled together.

Success League offer 15 online, expert led courses each with a useful tool that CSMs can use and incorporate into their toolbox of professional resources. The students value having real-time conversations with their classmates, having access to a teacher who can assist them customize the material for their particular program, and having access to useful resources. This certification is for you if you want to gain the abilities necessary to be a truly great CS professional rather than just passing an on-demand program’s checkbox requirements.

Customer success manager

Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM)

Cisco Customer Success Manager certification program contains a strong framework and foundational set of abilities and knowledge to support you in adding immediate value to your customer relationships.

Develop new sales possibilities throughout the whole customer lifecycle by demonstrating your capacity to create and integrate solutions, recognize adoption barriers and how to overcome them, deploy adoption frameworks, interpret customer usage data, and lead clients to renewals.

Customer Success Manager: Fundamentals to your CSM career

This course allows those who have completed it to be rewarded a certificate at the end for completion. It also sets out a foundation and warns beforehand that the course is not for those that are experienced in the field. There have been many reviews regarding that this course serves as a good recap and could be used by those already working in the field for exactly that.

Customer Success Masterclass

Customer Success Masterclass by WnTD

With level-like progression available like that of SuccessCOACHING, WnTD aims to set a fundamental with their prospects in the earlier stages to later expand and build upon.

  • Level 1: Creating a fundamental understanding for Customer Success Management and injecting certain core aspects to the learning as of this stage.
  • Level 2: Encompasses QBR management, internal advocacy, customer education, and managing customer health and customer portfolio.
  • Level 3: Is all about making efficient sales to customer service kickoff conversations, renewal and expansion hacks, minimizing churn risks, boosting product acceptance, building customer success goals, and more.

Sum Up

There are various sources in which an individual who wishes to acquire about customer success certifications can utilize. With the world being more online then ever and that number only increasing, it is essential for anyone in any given sector to acquire some sort of digital credential to further strengthen themselves and the profession they are currently in.

As can be seen in the list as well, customer success certifications not only strengthen and teach but they can also be used to recap and review the once-learned knowledge by the individuals. They are tools that help and aid professionals in their respective fields.

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